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Nothing beats being a mother

From childhood to womanhood, to motherhood, to being an amazing grandmother – Christali has journeyed gracefully through each stage of her life. Get It takes a moment to reflect with her on the milestones she’s achieved and continues to achieve.

Having started her journey in education in the 1970s at the College of Education, Christali Botha is not only a teacher and principal of Train Kids Academy, but a mother, a grandmother and a perfect example to her hardworking staff, amazing learners and beautiful family.

She is a mother to three wonderful boys and a grandmother to four precious grandchildren.

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Her journey into motherhood began after she completed her qualification in teaching and married her husband, André Botha to whom she has been happily married to for 40 years.

Christali was born in Pretoria and later moved to Mondeor.

Since she was a little girl, Christali always dreamt about being a teacher and having her own school. Growing up in a home where her mother was a primary school teacher and her father a high school teacher, she was inspired daily by their diligence to the teaching profession.

She had dreams of becoming a paediatrician too, however due to financial constraints she was unable to live out this dream. This did not stop the strong, remarkable and determined woman from living her dream of becoming a teacher and dedicating her life to children, something which she is exceedingly passionate about

When she was not spending her time dreaming about what she would become one day, she was playing with her dolls which she describes as one of her fondest childhood memories. As the only girl child she would often have to negotiate with her brothers to play with her and her dolls and in exchange she would play sport games or cops and robbers with them where they would always make her the robber just to tie her hands up.

From super mom to super granny

‘I couldn’t wait to have children,’ say Christali. She absolutely enjoyed her pregnancy journey and being a mother to her boys. Attending their sport events and spending her time after work with them is an unforgettable time in her life.

‘Pregnancy is a wonderful and sacred time for mother and baby as it is the only time they spend alone before mommy has to share her baby with everyone else,’ says Christali. She encourages pregnant woman to cherish that period and most importantly dedicate their baby to God before he or she is born into this world. She is very grateful to her husband for all his help as he was always present and assisting with all the parental duties.

After raising her children into adulthood, they spent 10 years living at home and when it was time for them to move out she describes the feeling as somber and admits to having experienced ‘empty nest syndrome’.

Although she describes herself as ‘not easy to get along with’, she is loving, caring, protective, strong, compassionate and extraordinary in every aspect of her life. Her grandchildren are her precious gems and she reveals that she certainly treats her grandchildren different from her children.

They love their grandmother and like all grandmothers, she spoils her grandchildren and is also strict with them. She often reprimands her children for combining both English and Afrikaans when speaking to their children and reckons that it is essential for children to learn to accurately articulate themselves from a young age.

Downtime means more family time

Christali loves the outdoors and spends her spare time dining at the exquisite restaurants located in the Henley on Klip area which normally overlooks a beautiful scenery. Her favourite holiday destination is located in the Drakensberg where her and her husband would take memorable road trips to.

Christali loves her family and relishes in having them around. Her favourite things to do with her family are outdoor activities, braaing and playing games at home. With one of her three sons living next door, she often gets to spend time with him. One of her sons is currently based in London and as much as it saddens her to be that far away from him and his family, she is exceptionally thrilled to visit them very soon. When asked what she looks forward to mostly about her first trip overseas, Christali responded, ‘I am firstly looking forward to seeing my son and grandchildren because of how much I miss them, then I look forward to exploring beautiful, cold London as it has always been my desire to visit overseas.’

Upon reflecting

Being so passionate about children and education, Christali is most concerned about the system for foster children.

She says she has had quite a number of cases where she has had to advise parents who have foster children and with these cases it is inevitable to get emotionally involved which always brings many tears to her eyes. ‘Today it may seem like everything is falling apart but the sun will always shine again tomorrow’ is a quote that is very dear to Christali’s heart.

What is next for Christali?

Now that she has accomplished all that she has set out to do, Christali aims to spend more of her time investing in her pre-school as a principal, road tripping through beautiful South Africa alongside her loving husband and travelling overseas to countries such as Scotland.

Off the cuff:

  • Sunshine vs. Rain?


  • Indoors or outdoors?


  • Do you prefer travel, food or art?

All three. I enjoy travelling while eating while looking at beautiful things”.

  • The last thing on your bucket list

Visiting overseas, which is now being ticked off the list.

However, I’d like to go back.



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