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Perfect winter nights in for the whole family

Winter is the season for cooking hearty wholesome dishes and enjoying indoor activities. Spending some quality time indoors this winter with your family around the dinner table provides a great opportunity to have hearty conversations and a lot of laughs.

If you’re at a loss as to how to make time indoors with the family fun and engaging during the cold Winter months, Rhodes Quality has you covered with an indoor activity and meal suggestion for each night of the week. Here are some delicious tomato-based winter recipes for you to try.

Monday: Hearty Conversations

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Sitting down to dinner together is the perfect time to bond with the family. Start dinner with interesting conversation starters, like: If you could have a super power what would it be? The best or worse thing about your day? Where would you love to go on holiday? Favourite Winter meal?

Some easy printable suggestions here.

To eat: Beef meatballs in a creamy tomato sauce.

Tuesday: Soup-erb Idea

Get the kids involved in making a delicious winter soup. While the pot of soup is bubbling away, assemble a grilled cheese sarmie station and get them to make their own. Your kids will enjoy being involved, and what’s more, cooking together is lots of fun.

To eat: Easy hearty tomato soup.

Wednesday: Themed Dinner Evening

Everyone loves Italian food, and the Italian culture is one of celebrating friends and family gatherings through food. Create a themed dinner evening, a fun night in for both family and friends.

To eat: Serve delicious butternut and feta cannelloni.

Thursday: Games Night

Play some charades after dinner. Not only will this extend your family meal time together, but it will get everyone’s creative juices flowing.

To eat: Chakalaka beef stew.

Friday: Movie Night

Choose two movies suitable for everyone and get the family to vote for their favourite. Set the scene with cosy blankets, pillows and get comfy. Enjoy your Friday night home theatre.

To eat: Home-made biltong pizza.

Saturday: Indoor Camping

This will take you back to your childhood and everyone in the family will have a great time. Build a pillow fort or better yet set-up a tent in the lounge. Perfect for a cold weekend evening or rainy winter’s day. Try our Rhodes Quality corn fritters with tomato jam recipe great for a weekend snack.

To eat: Corn fritters with tomato jam.

Sunday: Relax

Sunday is a time for rest and relaxation. If the weather is lousy, be sure to have a selection of board games on hand. Get the family together around the table after Sunday lunch and have a board game marathon. To eat: try a Chilli Con Carne.

For more inspiration #ForTheLoveOfTheGreatIndoors or recipes suggestions visit: @RhodesQuality or: www.rhodesquality.com/recipes

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