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Fanie Smit of Roodekrans is the ultimate braai master. He loves to braai with the boys on a Saturday but the rest of the time, he runs the new Braai Stop shop in Randfontein, and has been running the Boerewors Boys stalls in Randfontein and Noordheuwel for the past 13 years. According to him, whether or not you have a ‘lekker’ braai depends on who you braai with.

Fanie shared a couple of his secret recipes and his top braai tips to make this Heritage Day a ‘lekker’ one.
• Depending on how you like your meat, you can start braaing as soon as the flames die down. If you’re braaiing steak, you shouldn’t be able to hold your hand on the braai for more than a few seconds, but if you’re making ‘braaibroodjies’, you should be able to keep it there for about a minute.
• You can cook chicken drumsticks and thighs straight from the freezer. They will cook through to the bone on the braai.
• Don’t turn the meat too often if you want succulent cuts. Rather seal the meat and braai one side at a time until golden brown in colour.
• Don’t add spices or salt and pepper to the meat before putting it on the braai, as this will make the meat tough. Sprinkle the salt, pepper, braai salt
and other spices onto the meat while it’s braaiing.
• You can also braai side dishes like mealies, potatoes and even pudding by covering it in thick tin foil.

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Fanie’s marinade for lamb chops:
One bottle of Greek salad dressing and half a bottle braai sauce of your choice.
Mix the salad dressing and braai sauce.
Place the meat in the marinade, and leave it for four to six hours. It’ll be ready for the braai after that.

Fanie’s ‘less is more’ braaibroodjie:
Bread; a copious amount of butter; tomatoes; onions; cheddar cheese; salt
and pepper.
Butter both sides of the bread generously, don’t be shy with the butter.
Put the tomato, cheese and onion on half the slices of bread and add salt and pepper to taste. Place the remaining buttered bread on top, to complete the broodjies.
When the braai is ready (you should be able to hold your hand on the braai for about a minute) put the braaibroodjies on the braai. Turning regularly, cook them for 25 to 30 minutes until golden brown – it’s worth
the wait.

Details: Contact Fanie on 072 765 2274 or visit the Braai Stop on the corner of Kenneth and Raven Roads, Greenhills, Randfontein.

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