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Dig into this yummy Amarula tiramisu this weekend

Amarula is synonymous with our South African culture – that’s we we like to buy it, drink it and even eat it. The original Amarula flavour will always be a South African classic but the brand new Amarula Vanilla Spice’s flavour is out of this world.

We found a Amarula tiramisu recipe you can try with the original or Vanilla Spice flavour.

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Amarula tiramisu (serves 6-8)


250 ml fresh cream

250 g mascarpone cheese

80 ml/ 1/3 cup castor sugar

80ml / 1/3 cup Amarula Vanilla Spice

200ml ml prepared strong black coffee

50ml Amarula Vanilla spice

200 g savoiardi (light finger) biscuits or Boudoir

50 – 70 g quality dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa), grated


Beat the cream until soft peaks form. In another bowl, beat the mascarpone, castor sugar and 80ml / 1/3 cup Amarula.

Fold the Mascarpone mixture gently through the whipped cream using a spatula.

Pour the coffee into a flattish dish. And add the Amarula

Assemble the dessert by first dipping each biscuit quickly on both sides in the coffee. Don’t allow the biscuit to stand in the coffee as it will soak up too much liquid and the pudding will become too soggy.

Arrange a layer of dipped biscuits on the base of a serving dish and cover with half of the cream mixture, spreading it evenly across the surface. Sprinkle over half the chocolate.

Repeat with another layer of biscuits and cream, and sprinkle the remainder of the chocolate over the top.

Chill in the fridge until ready to serve.

Recipe credit: www.drizzleanddip.com/

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