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This year, curb the urge to use those same old red and green holiday decorations. Krugersdorp’s decor guru, Tasha Schoeman shares a few jolly good tips for setting the ultimate festive table.

Growing up with the love of making things pretty, Tasha dove into the events industry very early in her life. Doing everything from flowers to photography and event decor, she has made a name for herself. ‘Doing flowers will always be my first love. I always say that flowers chose me, and I never chose to work with flowers – it’s what I was born to do. Besides that, I’m also obsessed with helping women look and feel beautiful at my boutique and shop.’

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At 32, she is also the owner of Hoppy Hearts & Hartz-verloren in Krugersdorp North and co-owner of Events Inspirations in Muldersdrift. In between all of her business ventures and events, she still finds time to be the perfect hostess and hosts unforgettable dinner parties … Tasha is a people person and enjoys spending time with friends and family who are welcome to put their hair in a bun and kick off their shoes as soon as they enter the Schoeman residence.

‘We’re a close family and do almost everything together. While I set the table, my hubby does the cooking … No matter what, there should always be a balance in your life. It’s counter-productive to overwork yourself, so you need a balance between work, family and relaxing. That’s what I’ll be doing this festive season.’

Details: Hoppy Hearts on 079 313 5638 and Event Inspirations on 011 668 3113.

Lifehacks for a festive dinner party:
• Don’t worry about matching tableware. You don’t have to go out and buy brand new cutlery and drink ware – just mix and match what you have until you find the perfect combination.
• Create different spaces like a picnic area, the dinner table and comfy couches where your guests can mingle.
• Use plants and flowers from your garden as centrepieces.
• Adding some candlelight will automatically help your guests relax and set the mood.
• Make sure there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available.
• You don’t have to stick to green, red and gold during the festive season either – go with any colour scheme you want.
• Move your dinner party outside – it gives you and your guests the opportunity to get some fresh air while enjoying great company and a starry sky.
• Don’t worry about assigned seating and let everyone sit where they feel comfortable.
• Keep the kids entertained with some healthy snacks like cheese and fruit, and fun board games.

Say it with cheese:
Choose one of each type of cheese
Soft cheese: Mozzarella or Brie
Semi-soft: Stilton or Gouda
Hard cheese: aged Cheddar or Parmesan
Semi-hard: Manchego or Sage Derby
Add fresh bread and crackers, fresh seasonal fruits, dips and spreads, salted nuts, biltong, droëwors and cold meats.

Celebrate with this fruity summer cocktail:
You’ll need: 2l Sprite; 250ml pineapple juice; 1 sachet Sweeto Raspberry; 250ml ginger ale, seasonal fruits; fresh mint.

To make: Mix together and serve ice cold.

Spend some time with your guests instead of spending the whole evening preparing dessert in the kitchen. A classic ice cream and fresh fruit will do just as well.


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