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7 show day security tips to keep your property safe

Opening the doors of your home to strangers and allowing them to peek into every corner of your private property can be quite daunting and scary…and a safety risk at that.

Take control of your home’s security on show house days, by following these steps to ensure your property is in good hands while you are not there: 

  1. If someone stands in for your agent on the show day, insist on meeting them and explaining arrangements for your home.
  2. Alert the agent to the location of a panic button, if you have one, to ensure that the agent has access to it, along with your private security provider’s emergency number.
  3. Tell your private security service provider that your home will be on show and ask them to stop by during the afternoon to check that everything is in order. 
  4. Take all spare keys with you. Do not leave any keys for the home hanging on hooks that can be reached. Only give the agent the keys they need. 
  5. Always lock away valuables that can easily fit into a handbag or pocket. Remember that drawers and bathroom cabinets may be opened by potential buyers, so check that they do not contain valuable items.
  6. Put away larger items of equipment that are not instrumental in showing off your home to stop criminals thinking they might have to return later when no one is home.
  7. Open curtains and blinds or switch on lights in each room to discourage would-be thieves from untoward activity.

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