6 tips to help you manage the end-of-year stress


Chasing deadlines, getting everything done before closing-up for the year, and committing to all the festive season’s social events can take its toll and leave you feeling completely overwhelmed. 

Take control of the end-of-year mad rush and keep your stress levels to a minimum with the help of these six tips:  

Prioritise and plan: When it comes to the wrap-up of work and school, it may not be possible to meet everyone’s demands and expectations of you. The same is true when it comes to the kick-start of the end-of-year social whirl. Take some time to think through your priorities and use your calendar and to-do lists to organise your tasks, activities and obligations. It is also important to plan some relaxation and downtime.

Reduce your load: Set realistic goals and make commitments you can keep. Distance yourself from the constant information overload. Focus on what is important and shut out all the other noise.   

Practice mindfulness: Every day, think about what you can do to refresh your mind and strengthen your emotional resilience.  Use mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing and meditation to stay grounded and reduce stress. 

Keep your healthy lifestyle on track: Even though you are so busy, make sure you stay physically active every day. If you don’t have time for your usual workout, then still take a quick walk. Exercise is a natural mood-lifter, it boosts your energy levels and builds resilience. Make healthy eating choices, especially if you are eating out more often, and stay hydrated. Focus on getting sufficient sleep. Keeping up these basics of self-care goes a long way to feeling confident that you can cope with the upcoming silly season.

Rethink your holiday time: Consider a staycation, as a home holiday might be just what you need to recharge your batteries. Staying at home and committing to relaxing, sleeping, gardening and swimming is definitely more relaxing than facing busy holiday resorts, spending hours travelling and being on the go all the time.

Manage your stress naturally: If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed and none of the above tips are helping you find your Zen, then it’s probably time to look at some aromatherapy as a holistic solution to stress management.  Aromatherapy stress relief solutions can help calm and relax the body, assist with deeper breathing, and reduce anxiety. Not sure where to start or which oils to get? We suggest you start with the Aromatic Apothecary Stress-less range, that offers various options, making it easy to find what works best for you. 

From inhalers to roll-ons to oils, the Stress-less range has it all. Source: Aromatic Apothecary