Slim solution for water smart storage in small spaces 


Don’t have space for a big water tank? We’ve got just the tip for you.

Water harvesting is turning into an essential must-have for homeowners, and chances are it will only become more important in the future to have access to off-the-grid water solutions instead of relying on municipal supply.  

When you live in a cluster complex or a townhouse, having a back-up water system is often problematic due to space constraints preventing you from installing a 5000 litre (or bigger), bulky water tank.

Unless you have a SuperSlim tank that requires little space and offers a big solution to your water needs. 

Even the most compact courtyard or garden can manage a little 1000 litre tank, which is the slimmest option in the Slimline range created by JoJo Tanks.

It is perfect for city living, where limited space requires a snug fit into corners and down narrow walkways. It attaches to a wall to keep it secure and is supplied with the basics required for installation.

Designed for ease of use, this distinctive tank also has various connection options to ensure seamless installation into your unique setup.

These little tanks also come with a 10-year warranty and are available in a variety of colours.