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Gaming. It’s bigger. It’s better. And the show’s on now!

VS Gaming Weekly Season 2 is bringing esports to the forefront for South African audiences.

Telkom VS Gaming Weekly Show, South Africa’s first free-to-air gaming show, is currently airing its second season on SABC 1. The magazine show shines a spotlight on the world of gaming and brings viewers the latest esports developments to viewers like never before.

The new season is bigger and better, with Okay Wasabi and Sibu Mpanza as the hosts for the popular gaming show. The duo brings viewers everything from gaming news, the latest tech, tournaments, players’ profiles, and celebrity interviews.

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Audiences have been exposed to new additions including the latest in gaming news and trends from That Freakin Geek as well as tips and tricks from some of South Africa’s favourite pro gamers. The show’s hosts have been challenging celebrity guests including content creator and TV host, Naledi Mallelal; seasoned broadcaster, Rob Forbes; YouTuber, Lasizwe; reality star, Londie London; musician, Manu Worldstar as well as presenter, Jonathan Boynton-Lee to name a few.

The show also welcomes exciting new partners such as New Balance, JBL South Africa and Logitech who are assisting Telkom VS Gaming in creating an environment that brings gaming to life in a way that you have never experienced before and through these partnerships, Telkom VS Gaming is able to continue its commitment to driving the local esports industry forward and bring it to the forefront of sports in South Africa.

Johann von Backström, Telkom VS Gaming spokesperson said, “We are proud to see the success of the second season. The first season showed us that there is a huge market for a show like this and as Telkom, we are committed to being at the forefront of the growth of the esports industry. In partnership with SABC, we have the ability to educate the country about gaming, give gamers a chance to express themselves while inspiring others and continuing to give esports the perfect platform to reach the masses.”

VS Gaming is South Africa’s largest independent gaming brand and the leading platform for online gaming in Africa, they are at the forefront of the sport’s next frontier, providing regular tournaments across all major game titles and skill levels.

Don’t miss VS Gaming Weekly, every Friday at 3pm on SABC 1 with repeats every Sunday at 11.30am on SABC 2 as well as Fridays at 10pm and Saturdays at 11am on SABC Sport.

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