Mount Edgecombe’s dermatologist and skin specialist doctor dad


In a month dedicated to recognising fathers, we sat down with one of the North Coasts’ most successful, charismatic and humble dads. Meet Mount Edgecombe dermatologist and skin specialist, Dr Ishaan Ramkisson.

Despite having been recognised both locally and internationally as a leader in aesthetics, and juggling two North Coast dermatology practices with international speaking and teaching trips, Ishaan still finds time to attend school events and have dinner with his family.

His humility and caring nature are immediately evident when you meet the 40-year-old respected and popular dermatologist – and his genuine love and appreciation for Ellisha, his beautiful wife of 11 years, and their two children, Shikhar (10) and Sohan (6), is tangible.

When he isn’t travelling abroard to places like Monte Carlo, Dubai and London, Ishaan says he is usually at home in jeans playing with his children.

When his sons describe their dad, they use words like kind, clever, funny and ‘the best dad in the world’ but, when the question is asked to Ishaan, he says he is simply a gentle guiding hand, encouraging learning and laughter in his home.

“I offer my kids unconditional love and support and try to help them understand and interact with the ever-changing world around them. They give my life a true sense of meaning and perspective. Their happiness, health and well-being are my priority… but it’s their laughter and personal achievements that bring me the most joy,” says Ishaan.

His hope is that his successful career will be an example for his children and an encouragement to them to follow their hopes and dreams.

Ishaan says his interest in a career as a dermatologist was piqued while at medical school. He enjoyed both medical and surgical disciplines and dermatology offered a combination of both. He also like the fact that is an evolving discipline.

“I wanted to be at the cutting edge of my profession and dermatology has provided me that platform. I worked as a trauma and emergency doctor before making the decision to go to Paris to train as an aesthetic doctor when the field was just being established internationally.”

At that time, he says, there were only a handful of doctors practicing aesthetic medicine in South Africa. But Ishaan knew he wanted to be a specialist and, after a successful interview, he started his specialist training in Pretoria. Having qualified as a dermatologist and celebrated the birth of his first son, Shikhar, Ishaan and his wife decided to come back home and he started his world class practice in Umhlanga. A year later he opened a practice in Ballito.

Ishaan also travels internationally to teach and speak about his profession. “Being at the forefront of my profession has led to me being recognised both internationally and locally as a ‘key opinion leader’ and ‘global thought leader’ in aesthetics. Basically, I am entrusted with developing and teaching aesthetics to doctors globally. I have always enjoyed teaching, and being selected by my international peers as a leader in the field of aesthetics and having the privilege of speaking and teaching on the biggest international stages, has allowed me to help shape the future of aesthetics.”

Travelling to places like Monte Carlo, Dubai, London, Egypt, Jeddah, Athens, Lebanon, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, Ishaan has treated royalty, movie and music stars, beauty queens and celebrities.

“The energy and satisfaction I get from being a trainer comes from the tremendous feedback and support I get from the doctors I train. I now have a global network of supporters who follow my teaching and that is a great honour for me.”

But when Ishaan is back home, his family takes priority. “I have been managing my time better, thanks to my wife. I do the morning school drop off and try to make all school events and meetings. My wife is an excellent cook, so we always have dinner together. Then it’s a chat or an evening walk before the kids’ bath time. Both my boys are avid readers, so bedtime is about reading and discussing exciting things they have come across before lights out. Weekends are spent outdoors enjoying beautiful Durban. Details: