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Christmas gift ideas …for the KIDS

Nintendo time
This awesome play-anywhere gadget is perfect for HD gaming. One controller or two, vertical or sideways, motion-control or buttons . . . it offers total gameplay flexibility. Details: Toys R Us, R6999,90

Festive nibbles

Is your little one crazy about speckled eggs? How about jelly beans? Chuckles? They’ll be delighted with one of these fun tubes! Details: Woolworths, from R159,99

Glamping with Barbie

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The Caylee Holiday Camper transforms from a camping RV to a campsite playset with space for four Barbies to sleep (dolls sold seperately). Details: Toys R Us, R399,90

Game night fun!

Everyone loves a good game of Monopoly! But this edition has a little twist . . . cheating is a must! Kids will love this game where rules are bent, money is borrowed and funny business welcomed! Details: Toys R Us, R449,90

Like magic

Kids will love the Aquadabra aquarium, which allows them to create a chemical reaction and turn fluid into solid 3D objects in a few seconds! Details: Toys R Us, R399,90

Special deliveries

Festive deliveries will be extra special in this large canvas Santa sack – a great alternative to the traditional Christmas stocking! Details: Woolworths, R180

Teddy cuddles

This gorgeous teddy would make a soft and cuddly companion for a special little girl! Details: www.biggiebest.co.za, R255

Flying Batman

If your little boy (or girl!) is Batman obsessed, then we suggest you get them one of these very cool flying Batman figurines! Details: Toys R Us, R199,90

Functional & trendy

Perfect for older kids and teens, this sleek backpack is designed to easily transition between sports and casual wear with space to keep active wear and regular clothes separate. Details: www.thulestores.co.za, R1499

Glitter fun

How cute are these glitter kids cups? They’re like mini snow globes! Details: Woolworths, R59,99 each


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