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Men with Momentum: Rico de Villiers, MD of TBS Tax Consulting

Rico de Villiers is the Managing Director of TBS Tax Consulting, a company which offers bookkeeping, accounting and tax-related services. It focuses on the small and medium enterprise sector and the main aim is to assist entrepreneurs in growing their businesses through business development consulting.

Rico enjoys working directly with clients, which includes visiting their businesses in person and developing a strategy to ensure growth through strategic planning.

Believing in the “old school” way of doing things, he regards the forming of personal relationships with clients as the main focus in trying to understand why and how they make certain decisions. The company also converts its entire service offering to a cloud-based solution, which then gives them more time to spend on their clients.

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Rico says that in his professional life starting his own practice was absolutely the best decision he could have made, and in his personal life it definitely would have to be marrying his beautiful wife and having their amazing son.

He accepts that mistakes are part of our daily lives and one cannot necessarily rank them from best to worst. The most important thing for him is moving forward and learning from mistakes. “Believing in yourself and your approach is key to overcoming doubt. A hunger to succeed paired with self-belief can conquer anything.”

According to Rico, he is not really successful yet, assuming success would mean a broad and diverse client base and a thriving practice. He believes consistency and fairness in everything you do, play a major part in success. One should do anything and everything to gain experience, traction and momentum. “Don’t stop until you reach your goals, no matter how hard it is or how many obstacles you face on your path. Character is built through adversity and rarely shows in your comfort zone.”

Rico truly admires Simon Sinek and Richard Branson. He admires Sinek’s wisdom in business and his complete understanding of how certain decisions affect certain outcomes. He also firmly believes and supports Branson’s employee development and says it is a key part in the quality of service delivery.

A moment that defines him, is the fact that he was privileged enough to attend an amazing school with values and traditions that shaped him into the person he is today. He will forever be grateful for how his parents really strived to give their sons the best in life, it has truly influenced a critical 12 years of his life.

To Rico, self-care is very important in maintaining momentum. He enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures, but on weekends he would normally spends time with his friends and family, preferably in some sort of outdoor, wildlife setting as the bushveld and surrounding areas calm his soul.

Get in touch:

082 331 5296

[email protected]

Text by Justine Fortuin

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