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Women on the Move: Our name says it all, BetterBond

“We are open for business and waiting to assist you with a home loan!”

For the past 20 years, BetterBond has equipped potential home buyers with everything they need to know about buying and financing their dream home. The dynamic team of women at BetterBond is making all this possible, with a specific focus on pre-qualifying potential home buyers to increase their chance at securing the best home loan in the market.

Driven by a passion for the industry, the BetterBond team pursues their dream with confidence. This includes collaboration with estate agents, all sharing their aim of building lifelong relationships. According to the women at the company, collaborating with women in the property industry has been extensive over many years, enabling them to grow their individual brands in conjunction with the BetterBond brand. This includes estate agents, banking partners, clients and the so-called legal eagles.“Observing successful women is both inspiring and a learning curve, helping us take control of our positions, our responsibilities and even our daily challenges,” the team agrees.

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Get It sat down with 10 of BetterBond’s Home Loan Specialist superwomen to hear how they managed to make a success of the year 2020:

Stephne van Zyl gets things done effectively by planning her days in such a way that she always gives her best at work, while also allowing her to spend quality time with her family after hours and on weekends.

Anneke Hayward enjoys the opportunity to make other people’s dreams of being home owners come true. “The best part of my day is making that call to inform a buyer that his or her home loan has been approved.”

Yolandi Bezuidenhout regards the best decision she has ever made as becoming a mother of two beautiful boys.

Sujen Fourie agrees that BetterBond is built on great customer relationships, quick and effective service delivery, a pro-active, problem-solving mind-set and constant feedback to customers, which is key from start to finish.

Jaquelene Wheeler shares a top tip that has helped her survive the pandemic. “Think and stay positive. Stay informed, stay safe and vigilant, but keep on living and enjoying life.”

Emily Jwili, known for always taking care of herself, admits that she believes you cannot be at your best if you do not take care of yourself first.

Amelia du Plessis shares two top tips for young female businesswomen: never rate yourself inferior to anyone else. “Strive to do better than the day before, every day, and in that way you will always be a step higher when climbing to the top of the pile, fulfilling your own unique potential.”

Audrey Pretorius handles the pressure and challenges of the spotlight by “travelling and exploring extensively and maintaining my innate positivity.” I garden as a means of relaxation as I love making things grow from nothing – my creative streak needs constant nurturing!

Visit BetterBond at 1 Leipoldt Street, diagonally across from Sentraal High School in Louw Wepener Street, Dan Pienaar, or call them on 051 430 7888.

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