Zooming in on Zita


You’ve seen her capturing memorable moments at some of the biggest events around the city, or maybe just posed for her at an intimate business lunch or birthday picnic but who is she?

Step in behind the lens with the 32-year-old videographer and editor, Zita Olinger, and take a 360-degree glance at her life – much like her 360 camera, her phone, and photos of her cats (Purmeow & Ben Jensen) that she takes with her wherever she goes.

Her energetic charm and poise stand out as she meticulously moves through a room or space at a gig, and it is translated into the things that she is passionate about in her personal life. She enjoys cooking, having a glass of red wine, and spending time with her partner to wind down.

Surprisingly, in between all of the noise she finds herself in, she has a huge appreciation for music. “I taught myself the basic guitar skillset and would love to better my hand at the harmonica,” she says.

If not videography, Zita says she would love to own an intimate café that serves “weird” combinations of food. “There is so much potential and flavours to be played with,” she expressed.

Zita has worked with some well-known brands and people in the city who inspire her as she learns from them.

“You need to be yourself to work with specialists. Be good at your game. There is no ‘fake it till you make it’ and make sure you don’t drop the ball. I believe we are all extraordinary in our style and groove. I love down-to-earth people, it makes the work relaxed and fun.”

With her creative style of shooting, Zita aims to incorporate emotion and authenticity in her footage to enhance the vision for the end product her clients may have. “Videos must not be generic, the brand needs to greet their prospects. I might also be slightly awkward mostly, but I think that’s why I get along with everyone.”

Zita who founded Zita Filmz in 2018 started her career by shooting wedding videos, which she still does. She mostly does corporate videos as the demand has picked up.

“Some of my proudest works were with Tony Peng (his mind is amazing), and Jeani Meyer (this is a boss lady that inspires me). We’ve done amazing, out-of-the-box concepts – I absolutely love the unexpected.”

The content creator loves that people are at times surprised that something was made here in Bloemfontein, by a woman, in the Free State, and as the conversation around inclusivity of women in the industry has changed over the years, she says that as there are many content creators in the new era of technology it allows for anyone to try their hand at it. “I love the fact that women are on the rise with business.”

She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Midrand Graduate Institue in 2012. She worked as a graphic designer in the wedding industry and was encouraged by a friend and colleague at the time to shoot wedding films. “I already had the skill set for the editing software. Not looking back and thankful for taking her advice, I am doing videography full time. I love every second of it.”

The freedom that comes with being creative is what excites her. Being able to think and create concepts that she can watch come to life. “Each project and client differs, and I love the change-up in the field.”

Zita jokingly says paying her rent inspires her to wake up every day to do what she is passionate about, but there is much more to it.

“I love the fact that we get to run through different campaigns and see a client’s face light up when they realise the powerful impact video has on their brand … If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. If you believe in something, push and keep pushing. You don’t need lots of money to start. You need a brave heart and a smile to carry you through.”

ELEMENT PHOTOGRAPH CAPTION: Zita takes her 360 Camera with her wherever she goes.