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WOTM: Jaclyn Ivy Vosloo

“Start small, start lean. Start with what you have instead of making massive debt. Stop waiting for someone to fund you. Make it happen.”

Passionate somatologist Jaclyn Ivy Vosloo is the Managing Director of Kryolan Free State & Garden Route, Nov-U Pro Salon Supplies, Contour Studio, and Ivy Inspires. With expertise in beauty and medical aesthetics, she thrives on solving problems and boosting people’s confidence.

Jaclyn’s business philosophy revolves around selling solutions, not just products and treatments. She believes in making a lasting difference in clients’ lives by addressing their challenges and insecurities.

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Hands-on in both business management and client treatments, Jaclyn has mastered the art of systemising her ventures and leveraging the right resources, allowing her to choose where she invests her time and energy.

What fuels her drive is her “spiritual life and relationship with God”, she explains. “I have a very clear belief system and a defined vision of my life purpose – serving others with passion while doing what I love.” Jaclyn values her relationships, be it her marriage, family, partnerships, team, or friendships, as they inspire her to grow and contribute more.

During challenging times like the pandemic, Jaclyn made strategic decisions to ensure business survival. “I trimmed down any extra expenditure, I leveraged available finance options, I negotiated terms with creditors and nurtured those relationships,” she says.

Reflecting on her journey, Jaclyn emphasises the importance of keeping future plans confidential until ready to execute. She cherishes positive, supportive relationships and advocates for women’s inclusivity in business.

With a balanced work-life dynamic, Jaclyn wakes up each day knowing she loves what she does. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to align their purpose with their business, be their own cheerleader, and take charge of financial education.

Jaclyn is a dedicated beauty industry entrepreneur who brings positivity and confidence to clients’ lives. She spends her down-time with her “fur babies” and her hubby, otherwise she can be found in the kitchen, as an avid foodie. Jaclyn also enjoys reading and Netflix documentaries.


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