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Madalane Peyper is an attorney specialising in conveyancing in the City of Roses. Madalane’s path into the legal world wasn’t a direct one. After obtaining her first degree at the University of the Free State, she found herself drawn to the complexities of justice and the desire to contribute positively to society, and yes, it was sparked by a legal series on television.

“Law offered unlimited options on the employment market, financial stability, and job security. The prospect of advocating for individuals, resolving disputes, and navigating the complexities of legal frameworks held a profound appeal for me. As I delved into my legal education, I discovered a particular passion for conveyancing, finding fulfilment in the nuanced realm of property law,” she says.

She adds that she finds immense satisfaction in helping clients navigate the complexities of property transactions, ensuring their interests are protected and their objectives achieved. My passion for law has transformed into a steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality, client-centric legal services, and it continues to be the driving force behind my career. “After all, the law is the foundation of life and liberty!”

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Running a successful law firm while maintaining a healthy work-life balance is no small feat. Madalane attributes her success to effective time management, open communication with her team, and embracing self-care.

“Implementing boundaries, such as designated work hours and technology-free zones at home, helps create a clear distinction between professional and personal life. Balancing the demands of a successful law firm and a fulfilling personal life is an ongoing process, but these strategies have proven invaluable in achieving harmony between the two,” she says.

When asked what has been a defining moment in her life, she says: “There was not one defining moment, rather constantly things happening that solidified my love for practicing law.  Sometimes small things, like seeing the relief and gratitude in people’s eyes, are incredibly rewarding.”

When faced with challenging legal cases, Madalane thinks outside the box and sometimes makes “business calls” rather than purely legal ones to achieve the best outcome for her clients. Open communication, collaboration, and continuous learning are key elements in navigating tough times.

Madalane’s life isn’t just bound to legal intricacies. She finds joy in exploring the country, indulging in her love for literature, staying active through yoga and running, and immersing herself in the arts.

“Whether it’s a captivating play, a musical performance, or a visit to an art gallery, these experiences feed my creativity and offer a welcome break from the legal intricacies of my day-to-day life.”

Since February is coined “the month of love” Madalane finds it appropriate to talk about love and how important it is for young lawyers to learn to develop a love for the process of practicing law.

“In my experience, a lawyer who learns to love the process sees each day as an opportunity for fulfilment. Whether the goal is to win a case for a client, make a partner, or climb an institutional ladder, the key is to develop a love for the process and practice of law. A lawyer must learn to love the journey,” she says.

For Madalane, the love for practicing law is reaffirmed constantly, especially in the small moments when she witnesses relief and gratitude in the eyes of her clients.

On the more romantic side of love, Madalane considers herself to be a hopeless romantic.

“I’ve realised that, being the hopeless romantic that I am, there is always a chance that I could get my heart broken again. I won’t look and search for love, because I know the greatest love will come when I least expect it. For now I focus on myself and the ones around me that I love. And yes, I understand it might be a while till I find my ‘happily ever after’, but I’m okay with that, because I know it’ll be worth it,” she says.

She adds that she won’t give up on love, because although it doesn’t always last, she still believes that “you’re damn lucky if you even get to experience it at all. So, appreciate it while it lasts, and even when it ends, never stop believing in love.”

Madalane’s family serves as the cornerstone of her life, providing unwavering support in both her personal and professional endeavours. Their understanding, encouragement, and flexibility contribute to her overall well-being.

“In my life outside of work, my family plays a central role in providing balance and perspective. They serve as a constant reminder of the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Their presence offers a sanctuary where I can unwind, share experiences, and connect on a personal level, allowing me to recharge and return to my professional endeavours with renewed energy,” she says.

When it comes to Bloemfontein, she expresses her love for the city and its overall convenience. “We have the best schools in the country and we are right in the middle and everything is a one-day drive from here, if you can afford the petrol. You can speak English with a ‘naaish’ Free State accent. The women in Bloemfontein are really pretty,” she says.

“The warmth and kindness of the people and the strong sense of community pride makes Bloemfontein a special place. The calm and friendly residents create a tight-knit community that fosters a sense of belonging. This communal spirit extends to the professional realm, contributing to a collaborative and supportive legal community,” she adds.

Contributing to the local community is a fundamental aspect of Madalane’s professional philosophy, and she actively seeks opportunities to make a positive impact in Bloemfontein.

“One way I contribute is through providing pro bono legal services to individuals who may not have the means to access legal assistance. This commitment to pro bono work aligns with my belief in equal access to justice for all members of the community. I also participate in community outreach programmes, engaging in initiatives that promote legal education in Property Law and awareness. This includes workshops, seminars, and collaborative efforts with local organisations to empower individuals with knowledge about their legal rights and responsibilities,” she says.

Furthermore, she is involved in mentorship programmes for aspiring property practitioners. “By sharing my experiences and providing guidance, I aim to contribute to the education and development of young and upcoming property practitioners in Bloemfontein.”

In terms of positive changes in Bloemfontein’s legal landscape, she envisions increased collaboration and knowledge-sharing among legal professionals. “A more interconnected legal community can lead to a collective improvement in legal services, fostering an environment where best practices are shared, and the overall quality of legal representation is elevated.”


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