Winter-ready bedrooms

Graphic style and grey shade pillows on classic color bedding set up

With the cooler weather setting in, now is the ideal time to make your bedroom a little cosier. Here are some top tips and trends to try this winter from the experts at Volpes, SA’s much loved linen specialist.

Grey is the new black

Grey in all its shades is big news this season. You’ll find it across duvet sets, quilts, scatters, blankets and curtains in a variety of designs from stripes, to damasks and florals.   An extremely versatile colour, grey can make a dramatic and moody statement in monochrome plains, it also mixes easily with more classic colours such as duck egg, midnight blue, naturals and of course, white.

Style tip: Change a white and airy room to a cosy haven by adding elements of grey; you can also create a colour block effect by combining it with white. If you have a monochrome room, make a statement by adding accessories in contrasting colours like ochre or coral.

Sea + Sand + Sky

Midnight blue is trending in the décor world, and now more than ever, you can make a dramatic statement with a wide range of deep hues, reflected in modern stripes, stunning florals, geometric prints or timeless plains. If midnight blue on its own is a little daunting, there is no better colour mix than adding some sandy naturals, crisp whites and other shades of blue into a pretty floral or bold geometric design. Create your own look or mix with a choice of patterns that will easily match with a range of sheets, blankets, scatters and throws to ensure that you can create a designer look that suits your style.

Style tip: Mix up a variety of ocean blues and contrast with touches of beiges and stark whites. You can get the look with mixing plains together or go a little more eclectic and try mixing a variety of patterns and prints together.

Cosy, brushed cotton

Cotton is perfect for any season, but if you prefer a little extra warmth, brushed cotton is a must as it’s so wonderfully soft and warm. The fabric is brushed to create a nap that traps in air to hold in the heat, making it feel soft and fluffy against the skin. Cotton bedding is breathable, high quality, easy to wash and soft. Look out for brushed cotton sheets in a subtle script and stripe design.

Style tip: Add a brushed cotton flat and fitted sheet underneath your summer duvet cover.  You’ll have the extra warmth and be able to keep your look.


Turn your bed into a cosy haven by adding loads of layers. Quilts are great for adding a layer of comfort, texture and colour to your bedroom décor. Mix things up with a versatile, reversible quilt with coordinating prints so you can change your look, or for an eclectic effect, show off both prints at the same time. A textured blanket also adds interest and contrast to your bed as well as extra warmth.”

Style tip: Let a plain shimmer soft throw peek out from under a chunky blanket at the end of your bed. For a more modern look, try the same layering technique in the middle of your bed. Don’t forget to add some scatters to complete the look.

Don’t forget the windows

Block out curtains are a real investment as they  help  keep rooms warm in winter. There is a large selection of plain and patterned block out curtains to choose from that will easily blend in with the style of your room. If you love the curtains you have but want the benefits of block out, a block out lining is easily attached to the back of your existing taped curtain. Fully lined jacquard and thicker fibre curtains like Oakland are also great options for your winter windows. The heavier fabrics help keep the cold out while making a style statement at the same time.

Style tip: Layer a block out curtain or lining underneath a voile curtain for a modern layered effect.