These sneakers were made for dancing


Who doesn’t love a summer music festival? But dropping it like it’s hot on the dance floor doesn’t need to turn into a panic at the disco when your sneakers get scuffed.

“We know your sneakers are your statement. That’s why they’ve developed the best way to clean, care for and protect your sneakers by bringing the latest biotech out of the lab into the streets,” says Jo Farah, founder and CEO of Sneaker LAB.

Farah suggests four tips to keep your sneakers hot on the dance floor:

Never leave home without protection

This doesn’t only go for sneakers! Summer sun can take sap the energy from even the most dedicated dancer, so load up on the sunscreen and your favourite snapback to get your through the day. A good protector on your sneakers will prevent the worst of the grime before it even happens, so get a good cover before you head off to break it down.

Say goodbye to smudges

Your dance off challenges are likely to bring a smudge or two to your sneakers. Don’t miss a beat at your next festival – with convenient on-the-go cleaning, Sneaker LAB’s Sneaker Wipes have got your back when you’re burning up the dance floor. The solution cleans at a microscopic level to accelerate the breakdown of dirt, which makes wiping it away much easier, and continues cleaning for up to 3 days after application.

Choose your crew

Packing for a festival can fill up an overnight bag pretty quickly. Make smart choices and choose multi-purpose items to free you up: A picnic blanket can double up as extra layer at night, a bandana can keep the dust out of your face by day and keep your head cosy at night. Your Sneaker Wipes are great for removing grime from your clothes, smudges from your sunglasses and dust from your mobile’s screen to ensure your selfies are scorching.

Brush it off

All those stomping feet at a festival are going to raise a fair amount of dust. Choose a pair of kicks, preferably in a darker colour, that can stand up to it. As much as suede and mesh sneakers are great options for summer, they’re not a great date to take dancing at a festival. Muddy puddles and spilled drinks are likely to ruin your suede kicks, so rather leave your Puma Classics at home.