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Zoom calls, kids’ lunches, cooking dinner… there’s a whole heap of stress many of us are under, especially now with the current pandemic we face. Using the their home kitchens to make delicious, locally sourced meals to go, Westville moms and founders of FreeFromFood, Christine van Niekerk And Chef Nell van Rooyen are hard at work knocking up designer meal packages aimed at taking the worry out of your mealtime.

And believe us, they are yum!!!!! We’re were hand delivered a special parcel of goodies and, not only are they beautifully packaged and incredibly delicious to eat, but they are worth every cent. Plus they are assisting others through their FreeFromFood Give Initiative that offers three ways to give back either to the people we know and love, or to those less fortunate than us.

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At FreeFromFood, their goals are simple: source locally, give it some farm-to-freezer-to-fork style (which means organic and ethically sourced vegetables and free range meat, with no added hormones and antibiotic free), and have a whole lot of fun in the kitchen creating, testing (yes, eating) and cooking great quality meals to make it easy for customers to enjoy a variety of delicious new dishes and flavours that are based on seasonality and food trends.

With a history of food allergies that forced her to significantly change her eating habits and make allergy-free, healthy cooking and baking a lifestyle Christine began to work closely together with Chef Nell, to curate meals and treats free-from the main allergens of gluten, dairy and egg, as well as catering for nut, soy and shellfish allergies.

FreeFromFood meals and snacks are available in Vegan, Flexitarian (mainly plant-based), Meaty, Kids and AutoImmune Protocol, and include favourite like Chickpea Curry, Thai Roast Butternut Soup (to die for!), Beef Lasagne, Coconut Chicken Curry, Ostrich Moussaka Stack, Thai Chicken and Caulirice Salad. A Box of Treats will get you a selection of Sweet Potato Muffins, Anzac Cookies, Coconut Seed Bars and Peanut Butter Blondies, which are all refined sugar free.

FreeFromFood also offer individual meals and snacks for those who would like to choose their own selection, and have also added a range of Propa Smoothies and Homemade Muesli as a breakfast offering.

FreeFromFood Give:

During the time of Covid-19, FreeFromFood realise that everyone is struggling in some way or another, and as a result are offering three ways to give back either to the people we know and love, or to those less fortunate than us.

  1. Masks: Get and Give

When you buy one 2-pack masks for a R100, FreeFromFood will give 2 masks to those who cannot afford to buy quality masks.  Their masks are 3-ply fabric masks, unbranded and reusable after every wash. The masks are sourced from a female black-owned company called Koti.

  1. Food Parcels: Donate to the hungry

Many communities are struggling to put food on the table. The Lamontville community has been close to their hearts for many years.  For every R100 donated, you will be feeding a person for a week with a food parcel.

  1. Gift it forward

For that special person that you know who deserves a bit of a break from cooking. New parents, someone struggling with the workload or just a birthday present for someone who will appreciate some readymade, healthy meals. Gift vouchers are available to gift it forward.

Packages, meals and snacks are available to order at www.freefromfood.co.za

You can also follow them on:

Instagram: freefromfood_za

Facebook: Freefromfood

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