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5 easy ways to update your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home and, as such, speaks volumes about the people living there. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or have been living there for the last 10 years, odds are there are things that you would like to change, but you just have no idea where to start.

Well, we’ve got some good news: there are loads of things you can do to add some colour and life into your kitchen! Here are five easy ways to update your kitchen this summer.

Add a splash of colour

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Depending on the design of your kitchen, there’s a lot you can do to add colour. Why not paint a statement wall in a trendy hue? Grey always looks modern and stylish, or opt for sea green to add a calming touch. Feeling daring? Consider using wallpaper to create that wow factor. Whether you choose dramatic florals or an understated pattern, it will be something special.

Depending on how much of a change you would like to make, you could also repaint your kitchen cupboards. It’s amazing what a difference a coat of paint can make to tired cabinets. And if your tiles are looking a bit outdated but you can’t face ripping them out, consider painting them instead. It’s a cost-effective solution that will give your kitchen an instant facelift – just make sure you prep the tiles properly and use the correct paint.


All about the walls

From framed posters to floating shelves and even vintage cooking items, your walls can be adorned with essentially anything that reflects your home, your family, and your cooking style. Decorating doesn’t need to be expensive – visit second-hand shops to find budget-friendly items to ramp up your decor. Adding a chalkboard looks great, and you can use it to write the weekly shopping list.

Just be sure to place any decor out of harm’s way. That means keeping objects away from open flames and heat from the stove, or water from the sink.


Shed some light on the situation

New lighting fixtures can add an entirely new dimension to your kitchen, giving it a more welcoming feel. Fluorescent lighting doesn’t make anyone look good, and there are many cost-effective ways to upgrade your lighting style with minimal effort. Look for pendant lights, lanterns, or even standing lamps to add a little something stylish.


Add some greenery

We don’t have to tell you that indoor plants are having a moment right now. Hanging plants, vertical gardens, and windowsill herb gardens are a great way to breathe actual life into your kitchen, and they’re often really easy to maintain. If there’s a specific herb that you’re always using, it’s also an excuse to have fresh plants available to add to your cooking. Always burning yourself? Why not add a beautiful aloe to your kitchen that can double as a burn dressing? Choose plants that are practical or ones that are simply pretty to look at. Either way, your kitchen will thank you.


Display it

Display-style cabinets are a great option for people with impressive cutlery and crockery collections. Replacing cabinet doors with glass can add character to your kitchen without creating clutter, and they help the room look more open. They also make it easier to find things when you’re in a hurry, and allow house guests to look after themselves without rummaging through your stuff.

Take it one step further and invest in a fridge that also has the benefit of display cabinets. LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door fridge brings a modern and stylish aesthetic to every kitchen – and you can even catch a glimpse of what’s inside by simply knocking on the door to illuminate the contents, almost like your display-style cabinets.

When it comes to home improvements, the sky is the limit – depending on what you’re looking to do and willing to spend, of course. To stay up to date with the latest trends, try keep structures like walls and fixtures as simple as possible so you can upgrade fittings and accessories to reflect this season’s styles.


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