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Road Trip like a pro

Fellow South Africans, it is time to take the road again. It is time to open up the tourism sector and play our part in rebuilding the economy. Let’s hit the tar, head off-road, churn up some dust and explore our beautiful country. From the mountains to the coast, the unique mangroves to the wilderness of the game reserves, let’s explore the deserts and the wetlands, the valleys and the slopes. It is time. Let’s take the road again, together.

“Get out there and explore,” says Riaz Haffejee, CEO of Sumitomo Rubber South Africa, manufacturer of Dunlop tyres (Dunlop). “We have such a vast, wild and even unexplored country. There are so many nooks and crannies, from Bourke’s potholes to Hole-in-the-Wall, the Cango Caves to the ancient forests of Magoebaskloof – adventure is out there waiting for you. Now is the time to road trip.”

But whether you head for the hills or the shore, do it safely and have fun, urges Dunlop. Launching their year end campaign, Take the road again, together, the iconic tyre brand offers a few tips to help you to road trip like a pro:

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·      Be sure – be safe: Great planning and preparation is what makes a road trip a success. Make sure your car and your tyres, the only part of your vehicle to touch the road surface, are in peak condition and ready for the journey ahead. For more on what to look out for explore the tyre safety tips here.

·      Bumpy or smooth ride ahead? Check out the road conditions on Google Street view when planning your trip and make sure you have the right tyres for the track ahead. Learn more about the adventure and get the children or passengers on board doing research. Show them some of the Google Street View images and challenge them to find them on the trip – with a prize on offer for the winner.

·      Keep calm and stay cool: Pack what you need but leave the rest behind. Overloaded vehicles are a danger on the road and make for an uncomfortable trip. Ensure that you only carry the recommended number of passengers and weight of luggage in your vehicle when travelling. Take along a cooler packed with healthy snacks to keep growling stomachs at bay and your mind alert while driving.

·      Hook the kids up: Travelling with children, especially small children, is not for the faint-hearted. Keep your children entertained, whether on a short or long-haul trip, by signing up for the Dunlop podcasts, in association with Book Dash. Brought to you as Are we there yet? the captivating stories have been recorded in English, isiZulu, Setswana and Afrikaans and are available on your favourite streaming app or on the MyTyres app. Book Dash is an NGO with a goal of putting 100 books into the hands of every child under the age of five. Written by South African authors, the captivating stories are translated into one or more of our official South African languages and promise to keep youngsters enthralled. To find out more, donate or download free print versions of the books, visit Book Dash.

·      Care to share? Share your journey for those stuck at home – upload your road trip video clips or pics using #Roadclip.

Whether you are having a staycation and only able to do weekend daytrips, or are heading away for a few weeks, take the time to check out your vehicle first to make sure you stay #SaferthanSafe.


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