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The power of CBD for pets!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of CBD oil … an all-natural treatment that’s trending big-time for humans – and now for pets as well! We found out everything you need to know about CBD for your furry friends.

After suffering for many years from the excruciating pain associated with cluster headaches and migraines, Betalife co-founder Dylan Davey began to explore cannabinoid (CBD) as a means of managing his pain. Sharing a common passion for family, friends and pets with Leslie Davenport, the two joined forces and set up their ISO9001 Lab in Pinetown, where they produced a diverse range of CBD products for humans. The results we so incredible that Betalife fast became one of the most reliable and trusted CBD brands in South Africa. Then they decided to produce a range for pets. We asked them to share some tips and advice for those considering this as an option for their pets.

Benefits of CBD products for your pets
Like humans, cats and dogs are mammals, so it is not surprising to find out that our pets have a remarkable endocannabinoid system – a system in the body that is vital to a wide variety of processes such as pain, stress, appetite, sleep and mood. It is also essential to the body’s immune and reproductive systems. Dogs actually have a higher number of cannabinoid receptors when compared to humans, which means that CBD will have more pronounced effect on dogs. Dogs are also fundamentally more prone to the toxic effects of CBD. Just as CBD has different effects on different people, it can have a range of effects on pets.
Age, state of health and body weight are all factors that can influence how CBD affects pets.

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Here are some of the main benefits of CBD for pets:
• Powerful painkiller
• Anticonvulsant
• Anti-inflammatory
• Stress reliever
• Antiemetic
• Anticancer effects
• Promotes homeostasis (balance)

Choosing the right CBD oil/ treat for your pet
High-quality products are the best way to guarantee they are safe to use. The process used to extract CBD oil can make all the difference in quality and safety. Always do your research and check product reviews and the manufacturer’s information before giving them to your pets. You will find some processes use harmful material like butane to extract CBD. Be aware of CBD products that appear too cheap or are improperly packaged. These are normally low quality, often homemade, and could potentially be dangerous for you or your four-legged companion. Although our cannabis laws in South Africa state that you are only allowed CBD products containing less than 0.3 per cent THC, you may still encounter some products with THC in it. These would generally come from your backyard manufacturer. If this is the case, it could intoxicate your pets. Although THC has its own benefits, it’s best to keep it away from animals. Check the labels or ask the manufacturer to see if there is any THC present in the ingredient list. Products with quality ingredients tend to cost more, but it’s worth it. If you’re giving your pet CBD edibles, again, like with the oils, you need to make sure they are high quality products, that the CBD has been extracted properly and that the edibles contain no other ingredients (chocolate, nuts or preservatives) that could be harmful to your pets. Most above-board companies include the full list of ingredients on their packaging, so make sure to read carefully.

How often should you give your pet CBD?
Pet owners start with smaller doses at regular intervals and adjust from there. CBD oil should be given frequently enough that your dog experiences some relief from the symptoms they are struggling with. Deciding how often to administer CBD oil also takes time. Typically, pets should receive a dose every eight hours. Start with one or two doses a day. The best way to achieve the ideal frequency is to try increasing or decreasing the dose and see how your dog responds.

Your dog will let you know how it’s working!
When you are giving your dog the right dose at the right frequency, you will see an improvement in their condition. Figuring out how often you should give your dog CBD oil will take time and patience, but the outcome is worth the time spent.

Year-end stress
The festive season and New Year’s are around the corner and having CBD on hand will give you peace of mind knowing you have something to fight the holiday’s terrible bangs and loud noises.

Details: www.betalife.co.za

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