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A handful of really enjoyable reads to look out for

Love a thriller with a twist in the tale. And in Sarah Bonner’s Her Perfect Twin, the twist hits you halfway through the book … so unexpected and fast it could give you whiplash. Leah has everything she’s ever wanted … fame, fortune, and freedom to do what she wants. But she’s always wanted everything her identical twin sister Megan has, too.

And when Megan snoops on her husband’s phone and finds revealing, provocative photographs of her estranged sister, it appears Leigh’s after her husband, as well. What follows is murder, a cover-up, secrets, abusive relationships and a new romance, and a set-back due to a Covid lockdown. And then there’s another wowza twist. This is Sarah’s first novel … we can’t wait for the next one. Brilliant! Hodder & Stoughton. This, and all the Book Club reads, available at exclusivebooks.co.za

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Tracy Lange’s We Are The Brennans shot to the top of the New York Times bestselling debut list, it’s all secrets and redemption in an Irish-American family.  Pan Macmillan

Jill Mansell writes lovely, feel-good reads … and her latest, Should I Tell You, doesn’t disappoint. Family, love, rejection … all set against a backdrop of  sparkling seas. Headline Review

Honestly. Do you even have to know what One Step Too Far is about? It’s Lisa Gardner. You know you’re going to read it. But in case … five men head into the woods for a bachelor party weekend. Only four return. Years later, he’s still missing. His friends are still searching. They, together with a missing person specialist, return to the woods and hike deep into the wilderness. And you know nothing is going to go according to plan. Edge-of-your-seat stuff. Penguin Random House.

The Kitchen Front by Jennifer Ryan is inspired by the true events of a wartime cooking competition sponsored by the BBC. Described by Cathy Kelly as ‘the Great British Bake Off set in World War Two’. Pan Macmillan

Here’s an exciting read, which will be enjoyed by Liane Moriaty fans. Ellery Lloyd’s The Club is the story of ambition, excess, and what happens when people who have everything to lose are pushed to their limit. Pan Macmillan

Meg Merton is a pillar of the community. A retired and respected English teacher, a kind, caring neighbour. But she is also a psychopath. Serpent’s Crescent by Vivian de Klerk is funny, quirky and beautifully crafted. Pan Macmillan


The new standout vintages just released by Tokara are worth shouting about … with the Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc as major focus varieties. Since we’re still in the mood for white, this month’s book club choice is the Tokara Reserve Collection Elgin Sauvignon Blanc 2021 … all aromas of passion fruit and blackcurrant leaf with touches of  lemongrass and elderflower, and an amazing, with zesty grapefruit flavours leading the way. R160. Buy online at tokara.com

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