The little big solution to your water needs

Besides being climate friendly and helping cut costs, water tanks are becoming almost as important as inverters, with water outages striking hard.

Harvesting and storing may, in our future, be essential … there’s already an increasing demand from buyers and renters for off-the-grid and back-up solutions. But generally it’s only larger homes that have space for big tanks, with smaller properties and townhouses losing out.

So … a small solution for a big problem. The new Slimline tanks from JoJo are idea for limited spaces. Smallest of the range is the 1000-litre SuperSlim tank … perfect for city living, where limited space requires a snug fit into corners and down narrow walkways.

It attaches to a wall to keep it secure and is supplied with the basics required for installation. Designed for ease of use, it has various connection options to ensure seamless installation into your setup, can be installed with some simple DIY, and if you’re a renter or selling up, you can remove it and take it with you.

Jolly nifty … and available in a couple of colours, too. Details: