Thrills and chills for our November book club

A group of social media influencers have been invited to the opening of Jagged Island … a private amusement park for the very rich, and the very influential. Posting every second of their VIP treatment, the group is super impressed. The schedule is jam-packed, with just one thing missing … getting off the island alive. Author of The Island Natasha Preston has been scaring readers for years with her thrillers … this one is just as creepy. Penguin Random House

Three teenage girls go to a party. Only two go home … and they later confess to murdering their friend. But in the area where the girl went missing, hikers find the word LIAR scrawled in blood on a tree. Are the girls lying? And if so, why? Inspired by various true crime cases, All the Little Liars by Victoria Selman keeps you guessing, and has a wicked twist! Quercus

Everything’s Fine caused a bit of a stir on BookTok. A love story, yes, but so much more. In college, Jess is almost always the only Black woman in her class. Josh is the entitled guy in chinos. When they end up working at the same investment bank, all sorts of sparks fly. The question … is it ethical to date someone who goes against everything you believe in? Picador



Also … Chief Superintendent William Warkwick has, for years, been in charge of making sure the annual transport of the Crown Jewels across London goes according to plan. But this year, things are about to change. A master criminal is planning the most outrageous theft in history in Jeffrey Archer’s Traitors Gate. HarperCollins Publishers

Welcome to paradise. We hope you survive your stay. That says it all, really. A scuba diving instructor. A world famous party island in Thailand. And someone who’s making sure backpackers never leave … one murder at a time. Sara Ochs’ The Dive is a fabulously thrilling read. Penguin

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