Feel-good festive vibes


Afro-pop sensation Kyle Deutsch is all for bringing South African cheer and new life to some of the world’s favourite Christmas carols. He shares why he cherishes the festive season and what tops his Summer holiday playlist.

His patients call him Doctor Deutschmann. Family and friends call him Kyle. And his passion for music has inherited him the name Kyle Deutsch. A man of many talents – he’s also a husband, father, international award-winning artist and a national beach soccer player.

And  when it comes to Christmas, Morningside’s favourite chiropractor isn’t shy to tell you that he’s a sucker for prezzies, cute Christmas selfies and carols. So much so that he once – in 2019 – teamed up with local talents to release a special Wish List EP for fans to enjoy over the Summer holidays. The colourful track list included his own composition, You Told Santa, as well as some of the most loved carols worldwide, that he gave a groovy, unique and playful twist to.

“I love all the feel-good festive spirit that comes with Christmas and the holidays, but sometimes even old favourites get old, and need to be given new life. It was just my way of celebrating the upcoming holidays and adding a little South African flair to the mix.”

Having since shared the stage with international stars like Justin Bieber, John Legend, Diplo, and Sam Feldt, and collaborated with some of Africa’s biggest artists and producers, Kyle is a cornerstone in the African music industry. He’s a true believer that sport and music unites nations and, as a popular ambassador for South Africa’s 28 years of Democracy, he unites Mzansi’s vibrant cultures through his music.

Following the success of two consecutive chart-topping singles and a Simon Sabela Film Award, Kyle recently joined forces with South African music producer Pala Chrome to unveil their latest single, Hold Your Hand featuring US-based pop, hip-hop and R&B singer Paniik. In the short space of time the single has been available to stream, it has captivated music lovers worldwide, and showcases the potential of two artistic powerhouses who’ve seamlessly weaved together different music genres. Each note bears witness to their relentless dedication to pushing creative boundaries and venturing into uncharted sonic territories.

“Hold Your Hand is an exquisite fusion of deep house, future bass, downtempo and other genres. It captivates listeners with intricate rhythms, ethereal textures and soul-stirring melodies, and it can have multiple meanings for people. It might just be that you want to hold someone’s hand and walk through a tough time together, but it’s also about walking through love and life experiences with a loved one.”

With a hectic schedule over December, coupled with dropping a track or two with legendary South African artists  T.R.O and Skatta, and prepping his new album which is set to be released in January, Kyle’s hoping to catch up on as much time with his family as possible over the holidays.

“It’s December which means, for most, that it’s holiday time, family time, festive time and most definitely time for family traditions. In the entertainment industry though, this time of year isn’t what we’d consider an ideal time for holidaying, which is where wearing so many different hats becomes a challenge.”

Kyle says that while this is a time of year the majority of people are taking a break from work, unwinding, it’s a time where he has to be on his A-game for every chiro appointment, soccer training practise, studio session and for every performance, event or gig he has committed to. He certainly is a reminder that the world is your oyster and commitment takes you places.

“Balancing it all isn’t easy, especially when it comes to my role as a husband and father. I live for my family and spending time with them, our extended family and our special circle of friends is something I thoroughly enjoy and cherish deeply. The general attitude shift in people over this time of the year is also something I appreciate dearly. Lastly, I cannot go without acknowledging and honouring the birth of Jesus which really is the essence of Christmas.”

Details: You can follow Kyle on IG: @kyle_deutsch, FB: @kyledeutsch123 or Twitter: @kyle_deutsch or get in touch on email at [email protected] or [email protected]



Kyle‘s Summer holiday playlist 

From exhilarating and captivating tunes to songs with uplifting emotional impact, Kyle’s Summer holiday playlist is short but sweet, and features five essentials for when the temperatures begin to soar and you’re dying to amp up the mood.

  1. Back to the Beach – Shekhinah and Kyle Deutsch
  2. About Damn Time – Lizzo
  3. Sensational – Chris Brown ft. Davido and Lojay
  4. City Boys – Burna Boy
  5. Make Love – Room 5 ft. Oliver Cheatham