What is actually in these skin care products?

There’s a lot to think about before choosing the right serum for your skin. Skincare changes constantly. New products are always on the horizon with every beauty blogger and influencer having a range of products to their name. But how can you sift through the mediocre and treat your skin to the most?

Ingredients to avoid

Mineral oils
We see oils and think it must be great for our skin, but that’s not always the case, and certainly not so when it comes to mineral oils. Plenty of your favourite beauty goodies incorporate these “oils” into their products. Initially, post-application, your skin feels smooth and soft to the touch. However, creams that combine mineral oil and paraffin can actually damage the skin barrier and increase water loss, clogging pores and resulting in breakouts.

This doesn’t sound right? Paraffin is used in camping lamps. True, but in its oil form, it is actually a common ingredient in skin care products used to moisturise the skin. Also a type of mineral oil, paraffin is often used to treat dry and dehydrated skin, but as mentioned above, can block pores. The molecules are too big to be efficiently absorbed into the skin and sit on its surface, suffocating the dermis.

What you’re looking for

We’ve told you what to avoid, but let’s look at what your skin needs. If you’re struggling with breakouts, clogged pores and inflammation, aloe is your skincare saviour. Rich in antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamin A and C, it is highly anti-inflammatory. Aloe helps soothe breakouts and acne, while its enzymes exfoliate the skin too.

Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel, derived from a pretty, yellow shrub, is commonly used to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. It can also prevent acne-causing bacteria to counteract future breakouts.

Vitamin B5
Pro-Vitamin B5 keeps the skin smooth, soft and healthy. It promotes skin regeneration, calms inflammation and deeply hydrates without it feeling oily or greasy.

So which skin care product combines all of these super ingredients while evading all the wrong ones? BOOST! knows exactly what your skin needs and what it definitely doesn’t. Whenever possible, they use only the best, natural ingredients.

The hero product we’re talking about?

CLEAR is a decongesting serum for problem skin, prone to breakouts. Combining Aloe, Witch Hazel, Vitamin B5 and more powerful ingredients, CLEAR is just what you need for a fresh, radiant complexion! R499, www.boost-skin.com