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Step out in style with these Android fashion apps

Searching for a new look or some fashion inspiration? Alcatel recommends some great Android apps that can help you put together the right outfit for any occasion and to stay on top of the latest fashions for the season.

1. Stylicious

This handy little app makes it easy to organise your closet, plan your outfits, get inspiration from stylists, and re-discover the fun of shopping. It’s the only Android app featured in Time Magazine which helps you chose what to wear. With this app, you will be in control of your wardrobe.

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  1. Chicisimo

More than a closet organiser, Chicisimo is an outfit planner for your clothes. It’s also a community of women with a common interest: fashion. Discover outfit ideas for your clothes and decide what to wear, and see ideas shared by real women to apply to your own clothes.


  1. Your Closet – Smart Fashion

Organise clothes, create fashion outfits, plan with calendaring and packing, track closet statistics, scan and search colours, and more with this complete fashion assistant.


  1. Combyne

Combine your perfect outfit in no time. Be inspired by your style peers, discover the latest fashion trends and find your new favourite items from over 800 brands and online shops. Share them with your followers and get their instant feedback.


  1. Instagram

The world’s most popular photo-sharing social network is a great place to get fashion inspiration. Follow fashion designers, celebs, fashion bloggers, supermodels, fashion brands and other fashionistas to get inspiration from what they are wearing. And of course, snap a selfie and use Instagram to share your new look for the world when you’re stepping out in a stunning outfit.


  1. Zando

Add some great new looks to your wardrobe by shopping on Africa’s biggest online fashion store. With this shopping app, you get access to an extensive range of styles, daily deals, this season’s biggest fashion trends and over 700 brands – putting fashion at your fingertips!


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