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Spring clean your life for a happier you

It’s finally that time of the year — springtime is the perfect opportunity to spring clean not only your home but your whole life as well. Spring cleaning your life has many health benefits, it can help you save money and it can help you avoid stress in the long run.

Spring cleaning is all about ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Here are a few tips on helping you re-organise your life:

  1. Your home

Start by cleaning your closets, under the bed, behind the fridge and all the other spaces that don’t get cleaned regularly. It might also be a great time to give your windows and shower a much needed clean. Having a clean home is only half the battle. Springtime is also the ideal time to organise every room.

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2. Your finances

The spring is a great time to try to make changes in your routine, which in turn can help you change your spending habits and if you have not been following a budget lately, then it is a great time to review it. With a new budget in place, you can also start planning and setting new financial goals for yourself.

3. Your social media

Start by unfollowing pages and accounts that post meaningless content or don’t post at all. Move onto your friends and those who you follow and remove all of those who don’t contribute to your happiness.

4. Your health

Take a step back and evaluate your health. What health and fitness goals do you have? Start setting short-term goals that will help you achieve those goals. While you’re at it, clean out the medicine cabinet, make-up bag and junk food cabinet. Spring also means nice and sunny days so head outdoors and do some gardening or reading for while instead of staying indoors all day long — vitamin D is good for you.

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