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Beyond the everyday G&T

Who says a good old fashioned G&T is the only way to enjoy your favourite tonic.

It goes equally as perfect with vodka, tequila and port. Who knew?!

The humble gin and tonic began life as a medicinal cure, but over many years has become a recreational drink of choice. Nowadays, with the gin industry booming across the globe, it’s growing popularity shows no sign of abating. But there’s more to tonic than gin alone. We assume that because of its complex, bitter flavours we seldom consider tonic as a mixer for other spirits – in actuality it is a more versatile mixer than you think.

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The Vodka & Tonic

Vodka is the product of the distilled liquid of cereal grains or potatoes that have fermented, and it hasn’t always been the clear, clean tasting spirit we know today. Nowadays, brands differentiate themselves by the unique ‘character’ of their vodkas – those infused with subtle and natural flavours pair beautifully with premium tonics. In recent years the vodka and tonic has become a frequently requested cocktail.

Make your own:

Fill a glass with ice, add 1 – 2 tots of your preferred vodka, top up with Fever-Tree Indian tonic, garnish with citrus and enjoy.

The Tequila & Tonic

Yes, the tequila and tonic is a real thing. How you pair the two depends on the flavour profile of your chosen tequila. Either way, the tequila and tonic is a light and refreshing long drink that is not as sugary as your usual tequila cocktail. The spirit is made from the blue agave plant and is considered a type of mezcal. In many parts of the world it’s served to sip – neat – but the addition of tonic adds that extra special something.

Make your own:

Rim a glass with salt and fill with ice, add 1 – 2 tots tequila and top with Fever-Tree Indian tonic water. Then add a good squeeze of lime juice before adding the wedge as garnish.

The Port & Tonic

White Port is a blend of different white wines produced from white grape varietals, which culminates in a sweet fortified wine. A refreshingly fruity aperitif, you’ll find the Porto Tonico cocktail in abundance in Portugal. It beautifully highlights the top notes of the wine and it’s exceptionally low in alcohol when compared to harder spirits.

Make your own:

Combine two parts Fever-Tree Indian tonic with one-part white port over ice. Gently stir until mixed well and add a twist of lemon and mint as garnish.

Naturally, Fever-Tree’s premium Indian or Refreshingly Light tonics are the top choices when it comes to using a mixer that allows the notes of spirits to shine through but consider the botanicals of the chosen spirit before pairing with Fever-Trees range of tonic varietals, including Mediterranean, Aromatic and Elderflower. If three quarters of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best. Details:www.fever-tree.com.

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