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Join the colour revolution

Revolt against tired looking hair and show the world who you really are. It’s time to join the colour revolution!

There is no better way to define your look than by changing your hair – cut it, grow it, straighten it, curl it, and definitely colour it! The right hair colour can give you confidence, an edge and help you unleash the person inside just waiting to be shown off to the world.

“When it comes to hair, so many people are worried about changing the same look they have had for years, and sometimes even just a shade lighter can be daunting. They become too comfortable with their hairstyles, no matter how dated,” says Revlon Realistic brand manager. “The truth is – just go for it. Hair grows, changes and when you have chosen the right look and most definitely the right colour it can make you feel like a whole new person.”

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There are so many dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing your hair colour, but there are five things you need to remember when you have made the decision to colour define yourself:

  1. Don’t worry about what other people are going to think of your new colour – if you like it, that’s all that matters. Your hair and its colour should be YOUR defining moment – no one else’s. It’s time to have a little fun.
  2. Just like everything else in life, make sure you use quality when changing the colour of your hair. Use a product that not only gives you the colour you have your eye on, but also looks after your hair at the same time. Revlon Realistic Vivid Colour offers a collection of on-trend colour options specifically formulated for ethnic hair, that gives remarkable protection and shine at the same time. The formulation opens the hair follicle allowing the colour to penetrate it while locking in the colour. This Colour locked Technology Seal allows for up to 25 washes before your colour starts to fade.
  3. Hair colour and hairstyles go hand-in-hand. Make sure that the colour you have chosen suits the hairstyle you are currently wearing. Sometimes a complete make-over – hair style and colour – is needed to give you the look you want.
  4. Know that when you change the colour of your hair, you also need to change the hair products that you are currently using to ones that are formulated to look after your new colour and give you a long-lasting look.
  5. Keeping your hair healthy should be a consideration all year round, but especially when you decide to change your colour. If your hair is in bad condition, the colour may not be as effective. However, if your hair is well-moisturised and in a healthy condition your colour will be vibrant and give you the look you are after.

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