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Only the best treats for man’s best friend

Dogs are the most loyal, loving and caring companions a human can have. They always do everything they can to make sure we know that they love us. Now, you can let them know just how much you love them with the new range of Pedigree treats. Alongside their Dentastix & Rodeo treat range, Pedigree is excited to introduce their new range of treats: Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes – Puppy and Chewy Cubes which are nutritious, packed with your dog’s favourite flavours.

Pedigree celebrates the launch of their newest treat range by providing you with 5 perfect occasions to reward or treat your special furry friend.

Always by your side

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Your dogs can’t tell you how much they care or love you, but they will never fail when finding a way to show you. When you have great news and you want to celebrate, your canine companions are the first ones to let you know they’re happy for you. That kind of loyalty should be rewarded.

Good behaviour

You get back home after a long day of work and not only is your furry friend beyond ecstatic to see you but you find that they haven’t completely destroyed the house. Positive reinforcement is the perfect time to give your pup a treat.

They know exactly what you need

Ever been sulking on the couch after a really bad day and your dog just hops up next to you and puts their head on your lap? Yep, dogs are intuitive, thoughtful and the very least you can do to say thank you is to give them a delicious treat.

Tricks deserve treats

Sit. Stay. Roll over. Handshake. There are so many tricks we can teach our dog, but if there are getting it right or at least trying you should have some treats on hand for them to let them know they’re doing a good job.

Pick up some Pedigree Treats, which are available at all major retailers nationwide, and show your precious pups just how much you love them.

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