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You know your South African when …

Between our braais, the taxis on the road, the beautiful wildlife that our country has to offer and our Rainbow Nation we can truly say that South Africa is one of a kind.

In the spirit of National Braai Day, we have compiled a list of stuff that makes South Africans unique:
1. You don’t need an excuse for a ‘lekker’ braai.
2. You call everyone older than you ‘auntie’ and ‘uncle’ or ‘tannie’ and ‘oom’ (even if their not family).
3. You start every sentence with ‘ja, nee’ …
4. ‘Just now’ and ‘now now’ means you’ll get to it when you feel like it.
5. Taxi drivers have no fear and they are always in a hurry.
6. You call traffic lights ‘robots’.
7. Cream Soda is the best cure for a hangover.
8. You’re never surprised when the power goes out. You automatically grab your lighter and the candles in your kitchen drawer.
9. Rugby (one word says it all).
20. Pap goes well with everything.
21. Seeing people take a wee next to the road is a normal part of life.
22. You believe that biltong is so much better than beef jerky.
23. You triple check if you locked your house and your car.
24. You can speak at least two languages.
25. Car guards, vendors at the robot (traffic lights) and hitchhikers are a part of everyday life.

We hope you had a good laugh while reading about our beautifully unique country. Enjoy your Braai Day, have a ‘lekker’ one.

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