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Twist up your top dishes

Nothing embodies the melting pot of cultures in South Africa quite like food. An expression of love and tradition, our cuisines are often handed down to us from our parents, grandparents… even great, great grandparents. But, just because Ukhokho made her famous Mogodu with five specific spices she never deviated from, doesn’t mean you must do the same! In fact, the future of our traditional food rests squarely in the twist-up… we need to look at what we can learn from gogo’s cooking – and how we can add creative twists, so her recipes remain firm family favourites.

That’s why NOLA Mayonnaise recently partnered with local foodie Sithembiso Ndashe (Ndash) – founder of Ndash Food Concepts – whose ethos is centred on adding a new age modern twist to popular Mzansi recipes – and his mom, Nozibele, to #CreateAStir. She’s the woman who inspired his love of cooking, who still sticks to her traditional style while Ndash is setting out to show there’s nothing wrong – and everything right – with twisting up those same traditional dishes. Proving you can love how your mama makes it, but still evolve it to be your own.

While the street food revolution has awakened South Africans imaginations and appetites, inspiring them to explore different flavours, many feel they are still not brave or creative enough to try something similar at home.  With time being at a premium its quicker, easier and safer to stick to the tried and trusted.

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The creamy, balanced versatility of NOLA means it can be added to almost any dish without overpowering the existing ingredients – ideally complimenting Ndash’s creative cooking philosophy.

Add a twist to your go-to dishes – for some tasty inspiration try out some of Ndash and Nozibeles approved favourites, with a twist, of course:

When it’s shisnyama time…

Try a twist on traditional chicken wings and marinade them in a spicy curried mayo marinade with NOLA Original, Worcester sauce, olive oil, plain yoghurt, mild masala curry powder, Portuguese chicken spice, turmeric, crushed chili, garlic and two teaspoons of honey… heaven.

When you’re famished for vetkoeks…

Add a street-food twist by turning your favourite deep-fried snack into a delicious cheeseburger, topped with a creamy NOLA-Atchar sauce and fresh salad on the side. Recipe below

Twist up your Coleslaw…

Most households have a tried-and-tested coleslaw recipe they go back to time and again. Twist it up by adding finely sliced red onion, NOLA Original, chutney, diced apple and a handful of raisins and almonds. Or turn it from a side into a street-food main, by popping it into a pita, with tender chicken cooked in curry spice.

The power of potatoes…
Everyone loves potato salad. But maybe, the braai-staple has rested on its laurels for too long. Change it up by transforming it into golden-crispy potato wedges, with a punchy-peri NOLA dressing.

When you want to turn up the pap…

Ndash top tip? Add NOLA to your pap mixture to turn it into a super-creamy side, grate cheese on top then grill it for a few minutes for a golden crust. You can also experiment with creating creamy NOLA centred fried pap balls, a delicious twist on a Mzansi favourite.

Catch Ndash and Nozibele on the Morning Show SA and be inspired to #CreateAStir with SA’s number 1 Mayo – NOLA.

For more information and tasty recipes visit NOLA or @NolaMayonnaise on Facebook and Instagram.

Vetkoek Cheeseburger with NOLA Atchar

Sithembiso Ndashe


Prep Time: 35 minutes

Cook Time: 6 minutes or Till Golden Brown  


  • 500g Magwinya Flour Mix
  • 1 ½ cups water
  • 5g (1 ½ tsp) instant yeast


  • Combine 1 ½ cups of lukewarm water with approximately 3 cups of Magwinya Flour
  • Mix with the yeast in a bowl to make a dough
  • Cover the dough with a damp cloth and allow to rest for 30 minutes
  • Heat enough oil in a pot to deep fry the dough
  • Form dough into small balls and drop into hot oil
  • Deep fry the dough for 3 minutes on one side, then turn the dough balls in the oil and fry for another 3 minutes or until golden brown
  • Place on tissue paper to drain off the oil

 Note: if you don’t want to make your own vetkoek from scratch you can either buy a ready-made vetkoek or use the new pre-made Magwinya Mix available at supermarkets.

To make the burger


  • Pure 100% Beef patties
  • 2 Tbs Olive Oil
  • 1 slice of Cheese
  • 1 fresh slice of tomato
  • Fresh lettuce leaves
  • Cooked onion
  • NOLA Original Mayonnaise
  • Mango Atchar
  • Salt and Pepper (to taste)


  • Cut the Vetkoek open
  • Base it inside with that delicious NOLA Original Mayonnaise
  • Add fresh lettuce
  • Heat pan with oil and place burger patties in pan. Cook patties until your desired preference.
  • Approximately 30 seconds before removing the burger patty from the heat – add the slice of cheese on top of the burger
  • Place burger patty onto lettuce and layer with tomato and salt & pepper to taste
  • Add the NOLA Original Mayonnaise and Atchar mix on top of the burger (use approximately 1 cup NOLA Original Mayonnaise to ¼ cup Mango Atchar)
  • Finish it off with the cooked onion
  • Close the burger with the remaining Vetkoek half and enjoy!
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