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How to tell if your dog is really happy

You feed them, groom them and give them all your love but how do you know that your dog is really happy? Luckily dogs, unlike human, can’t lie. They can’t tell little white lies or mislead you and their body language says it all.

Here are eight ways your dog will show you that they are happy:

  1. Dogs show express their hapiness by relaxing their eyes, ears and jaw and they may even appear to be smiling.
  2. A wagging is always a telltale sign that a dog is happy. Most dogs get so excited that they wiggle their whole body and other dogs may have a softer, slower wag but a wag is a wag.
  3. Happy dogs gave less destructive behaviors even when home alone. 
  4. Happy dogs are always up to play or go for a walk. 
  5. Happy dogs likes to show their bellies and tongues as they wriggle around on their backs. 
  6. If a dog has a healthy appitite, it usually indicates that they are both happy and feeling physically well.
  7. A happy dog will often lean into your hand when you pet him, and lean into or keep contact with your body whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  8. Happy dogs are alway thrilled to see their owners. 
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