Male grooming trends for 2020


In our grandfather’s day, too much emphasis on male grooming was considered feminine but it is very different today. The male grooming industry has gone from a non-entity, to a multi-billion-dollar global industry.

Some male grooming trends have been around for years, but they’re still highly relevant.  The first of these is the growing trend of products that cater to a more simplistic routine or providing multi-benefit solutions.

Claire Bowen from male deodorant brand Shower to Shower Men says that she believes that we’ll see the continued emphasis and focus on self-care in 2020.

Although men have more of an interest in face creams, body washes and serums, now than before, it’s no secret that the external factors in our increasingly stressful lives contribute more now to our appearance. People are placing more emphasis on leading lives that are healthier.

Facial hair is also back on trend for the 2020 and the grooming thereof is in the spotlight.

‘We’re seeing anything from goatees, chin straps to fade-cut beards rising in popularity and experts say that a beard can even contribute to how trustworthy people find you!’

Along with the rising trend of facial hair, old-school beard products are making a comeback. South African men are now on the look out for wax, oil as well as conditioners that will keep their asset ship-shape.

From a fragrance perspective, one of the ongoing trends in scent is the development of unisex fragrances.

‘The fragrances in this category usually consist of citrus and crisp green apple infused with warm tones like amber and musk and tend to be equally liked by men and women. We’ve already seen numerous fragrances hit the market and this trend will continue into 2020.’

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