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What to do when #ShedHappens

At this stage, South Africans are all too familiar with the mayhem planning their days around load-shedding schedules that just don’t seem to go away. In fact, according to multiple reports, we’re going to have to plan our meals, shower times, traffic commutes and recreational activities around loadshedding for at least 18 more months.

The good news is that rolling blackouts don’t have to be as inconvenient as they once were. It’s becoming more important than ever to stay prepared at all times to avoid being caught unawares when the inevitable happens.

That’s why functions such as the Download and Watch Later tool on DStv Now are so important. Let’s face it – #ShedHappens, and there’s nothing we can do about it. That doesn’t mean, though, that our entertainment has to be cut off too.

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Hacking loadshedding the new-fashioned way

You know the trick – leveraging open Wi-Fi hotspots to browse social media, take Snapchat-filtered images and update your status to your heart’s content. Well, now you can add ‘downloading my favourite series’ to that list.

Hack load-shedding with DStv Now! The app enables you to download up to loads of titles and keep them stored on your laptop, cellphone or tablet to watch whenever you want, wherever you want. Keep those devices charged up at all times, and you’ll be ensured non-stop entertainment even when the lights go out.

How to download and watch with DStv Now

  1. Make sure you’re registered for DStv Now.
  2. Download the DStv Now app (Apple or Android)
  3. Log in, and search for a series or movie to download.
  4. Tap the cloud-shaped icon.
  5. Select the quality of video file being downloaded (Highest, High, Medium or Low). Tip: the lower the quality selected, the smaller the file size and the less storage space it takes up on the device.
  6. Once the selection is made, the download will begin.
  7. Happy watching!
  8. Important: After clicking ‘play’, watch the content within 48 hours, before it expires and it has to be downloaded again. If you don’t click ‘play’ right away, the content stays on the device for a while before it expires.
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