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Embrace natural beauty with Buchu

Almost a quarter of women are estimated to make use of anti-ageing creams and serums, with some of the biggest markets existing in the USA, UK and Europe. Anti-ageing products have become so sought after that as 47 per cent of all newly launched products contain some anti-ageing claim. But instead of turn to chemicals and additives, why not add an indigenous miracle herb, grown in the Western Cape, to your beauty regime.

Buchu has proven effective as a treatment for inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, but also offers a safe and natural daily treatment to ensure more youthful and healthy-looking skin, explains immunopathologic and medical researcher, Professor Patrick Bouic, who has researched the health benefits of the Buchu plant for over 15 years.

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“Skin ageing is as a result of an inflammatory process, which causes the loss of elasticity and affects the regeneration of new skin cells. Buchu has anti-inflammatory properties, along with other benefits, that can help fight the effects of ageing,” he says.

Buchu should form part of your beauty regime for the following reasons:

  • Buchu decreases inflammation: Buchu is known to switch off the genes which lead to inflammation, in turn reducing the ageing effects of inflammation.
  • Buchu aids in skin repair: Inflammatory processes can affect your body’s ability to repair damaged cells. Making use of Buchu will regulate your body’s repair mechanism, allowing for the better regeneration of skin cells.
  • Buchu and exercise work hand in hand: Exercise is a good way to increase a natural glow because it opens up blood vessels. Incorporating Buchu into your daily diet will counteract the muscle damage caused by exercise allowing for faster recovery from a workout.
  • Buchu comes in various forms: Several products can be used to give you the benefits of Buchu – a topical cream or gel can be applied directly to the skin, capsules can be taken orally or Buchu Detox Teas can be used as a part of your daily diet.
  • Buchu is a potent detoxifier: Detoxification is highly important in the maintenance of beauty. Buchu stimulates the kidney to excrete toxins and stimulates the liver to detoxify bad molecules.

“Healthy, youthful-looking skin relies on your body’s ability to regenerate skin cells and fight inflammation – which can be aided by the daily use of Buchu. Besides, Buchu is a powerful detoxifier, and detoxification is critical in the maintenance of health and beauty.”

Available from Dis-Chem, Food Lover’s Market and Wellness Warehouse nationwide

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