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Casper de Vries is back, and this time with some popular younger friends

The comedian, Casper de Vries, is back after a decade in a new sketch-comedy series, Cas Oppie Kassie, from Monday 6 April on kykNET, DStv-channel 144.

Casper, who has been seen last year in Janice Honeyman’s pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk, and recently hosted the 10th kykNET Fiëstas on 9 February in Cape Town. Now he’ll be entertaining viewers with his razor-sharp humour on Cas Oppie Kassie!

“People have been asking me over the past 11 years why I’m not on television anymore and where is my comedy show because they really enjoyed it. I think my love for comedy will also be young at heart and people will experience just that in Cas Oppie Kassie,” says Casper.

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This brand new comedy, with new characters and some of Casper’s older popular ones, like Oom Kallie and Montelle, will take on new adventures. He’ll be supported by a young and dynamic team that has worked in comedy before to bring the highest quality to television screens locally.

Viewers can expect popular actors like Arno Greeff, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Gugu Madlabane, Mila Guy, De Klerk Oelofse and Heidi Mollentze in one of the comedy sketches, Die Laager, on Cas Oppie Kassie.

Greeffs explain that The Laager is basically Survivor with the theme of Voortrekkers. “I play the character, Brummer Nel, an ex-law student who is social media influencer. He decides to apply for the Die Laager to show the rest of the country where he’s real talent lies to become popular,” he tells in excitement.

Cas Oppie Kassie will also be the first Afrikaans TV-series with animation like The Simpsons and Family Guy. This animation part, Con se storie, is an animated soap about a pastor called Con and his family life that’s always full of drama. “It’s really wonderful to try something new and I’m so proud of the end result,” says Casper.

In this 13-episode series, viewers can expect to be in stitches for Casper’s most loved characters like Hanno, Greetje, Giselle, Blertsie, Renier van Loggerenberg and the beloved Oom Kallie Marie but will also get a chance to meet new characters like Greta Komotie, a Swedish girl who’ll do everything possible to stop global warming and Chappie Greyling, presenter of Die Laager and the singer, Snotklap.

“It is such an amazing mix of nostalgia and innovation, serialised storytelling and sketch comedy, familiar faces and new discoveries. Casper’s sense of humour has stayed razor-sharp over the years and he’s a joy to watch perform and as a producer you stand behind the camera with goosebumps, knowing that something special is about to happen,” says Hermi King, producer of the series.

“The subject matters are relevant and younger as well as older generations that keep track with comedy styles in the world will definitely find appreciation for Cas Oppie Kassie. Of course, it’s not for sensitive viewers, like we’ve said in 2001 with the Die Casper Rasper Show, but since then the years have gone by and the kykNET viewers have had their own self-growth. We hope people will laugh and watch it repeatedly. Especially for the high standard of humour in Cas Oppie Kassie.”

Cas Oppie Kassie premieres on Monday 6 April at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv-channel 144.

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