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Pudding ideas that walk the line

From peppery puddings to salty sweets, there is a whole world of flavours that tread the line between sweet and savoury with masterful talent. If you are feeling adventurous or appreciate the blurred border between dessert and dinner, then this one is for you.

Here are some tips on how you can turn your puddings into something perfectly balanced using a smattering of typically savoury ingredients.

Opt for a pretzel base

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Are you making a cheesecake or a banoffee pie? Use salted snack pretzels rather than graham crackers or coconut biscuits for the base and get a delicious salty addition to your sweet dessert. The base is pretty robust and holds up well to caramels and creamy cheesecake fillings.

Use dark chocolate and sea salt

If you are not in the mood for clawing sweet brownies or sugary chocolate puddings, then perhaps it’s time to try adding dark chocolate? Next, add a sprinkling of sea salt to your dessert as a garnish and have your mind blown by the deliciousness of your creation. There is something so moreish about dark chocolate and sea salt – so you are welcome.

Add salted nuts

Use salted nuts in pecan pies, peanut butter or even cashew nuts the next time your recipe calls for unsalted nuts. It’s a delicious way to add depth and intensity to your dessert. Add salted nuts to your next biscuit recipe or if you are making a chocolate-based nut dessert, you can even opt for the addition of chilli-flavoured nuts for added punch.

Add a pinch of chilli powder

If sugar and salt are just not risqué enough for your pallet and you want to kick it up a notch, you can opt for a little bit of chilli with your dessert. Chilli, powdered or fresh, pairs particularly well with chocolate because it can hold its own against the heat. It also goes really well with dark toffee and caramel sauces and with cakes, puddings and tarts that contain nuts.


Popcorn is not usually associated with desserts unless maybe it’s of the caramel variety, but it’s actually a really delicious addition to desserts to tone down the sugar and add a pop of salty, buttery goodness. A nutty popcorn is a perfect accompaniment to sundaes, carrot cakes, mousses and brownies.

Is it a salty dessert or a sweet-savoury – either way, it’s perfectly balanced and absolutely delicious. Sure, we want to stay sweet and keep things savoury, but there is no trouble skirting the line between sweet and savoury for a little bit of a thrill.

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