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DIY: Textured and stencilled cheeseboard

Easy to make and can double up as a great gift idea. Nadine Vosloo shows us how …

You’ll need:
A raw wooden board; a medium-size stencil brush; Tjhoko Paint in the colour of choice; Tjhoko Paint Stencil of Paris; Tjhoko Paint Stencil of choice; Tjhoko Paint Clear Glaze; pallet knife, paint scraper or old plastic card

How to:
Position your chosen Tjhoko Paint Stencil on your wooden board and secure it with masking tape to ensure your stencil stays in place once you are happy with your placement.

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Lightly dip your dry stencil brush into your Tjhoko Paint, press against your stencil and move your brush in small circular motions over the stencil design. Secure your stencil with your free hand while stencilling to ensure it does not lift. It is very important to only use a very small amount of paint evenly distributed on the bristles, your bristles should be almost dry. If too much paint is on the bristles, it will bleed in underneath your stencil. Your stencil design will become more prominent as you go over it a few times. Immediately remove your stencil once complete, carefully lifting from one corner as you peel it off.

Mix 60ml Stencil of Paris with approximately 5-10ml Tjhoko Paint, the more paint you use the darker the shade will be. Take care to not add too much paint as this will make the Stencil of Paris too runny and will bleed in under your stencil.

Place your stencil back on your board and apply your coloured Stencil of Paris paste randomly on the design, here and there, using your pallet knife, paint scraper or old plastic card. This will create texture on your stencilled board, which not only looks beautiful, but the texture will help keep your board’s contents in place when carrying.

Tjhoko Paint has a built-in sealer, however, to give your board an extra layer of protection, apply our food-safe Tjhoko Paint Clear Glaze. Once your paint and Stencil of Paris are completely dry, in a separate container, dilute a small amount of Clear Glaze 1:1 with cooled down boiled water (e.g. 50ml glaze to 50ml water). With a clean microfiber cloth, dip your cloth in the diluted Clear Glaze mixture, wring out excess and wipe to apply to the board. Allow between 20 and 40 minutes for the first coat to dry before applying the second.

After each use rinse or wipe off the board with soapy water and ensure to dry immediately.
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Details: tjhokopaint.co.za or follow @tjhokopaint on Facebook or Insta.


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