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Launch your Career with an IIE Digital Design Degree at Vega

Digital design is the weapon of choice for the visual communicator driven to combine their innate creative capacity with cutting-edge technology.

The IIE BA degree in Digital Design equips students with the necessary skills to standout in both the interactive (web design and development; UX and UI design; application design and development) and motion (3D and 2D animation; motion graphics; VFX; video editing) industry fields. The discipline sees students engage with traditional elements of design such as shape, colour typography, and layout while incorporating tools such as digital illustration, photography, augmented reality, and the latest digital design software in order to produce eye-popping visual narratives for platforms such as web, mobile, digital publication, film, photography, gaming, social, apps, and more.

At Vega, we believe in nothing less, which is why we deliver IIE qualifications that are as much about passion as they are design, brand and business. Let your love for design, launch you career in Digital Design.

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2022 Applications at The IIE’s Vega School are now open. Visit www.vegaschool.com.

You can watch the video here:

Launch your career in Digital Design with an IIE Degree at Vega. – YouTube

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