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Forget diets, think wellness with these five tips

No need to start the new year with yet another new diet or fitness fad that might show results short term, but is not sustainable long term.

Aim for weight management, not weight loss when looking at adopting a long-term, healthy eating plan. To achieve this and get to a place of well-being, try these six tips from Herbalife Nutrition:

Make friends with veggies: There are so many delicious, easy ways to prepare veggies – you just need to experiment and find what you like. By piling more vegetables onto your plate, you’ll feel fuller for longer while upping your vitamin intake.

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Try adding freshly made salsa to your morning eggs, chop veggies into your pasta sauce, swap rice for broccoli rice and experiment with cauliflower crusts.


Power up on proteins:  Protein is an amazing tool for weight loss. It plays a vital role in repairing muscles and helps you feel fuller for longer – avoiding the risk of snacking on high fat, high sugar options.  Including a high protein food in every meal is a great step to get you going.

Eat proteins first to also help you avoid over-eating. Not managing to get enough protein into your meals? Add a protein shake to your day to give you a boost.


Drink water, not lattes.  It’s so easy to sip endless cups of tea and coffee, especially if you’re in an office or working from home, but these drinks can mean that you forgo drinking enough water – leading to dehydration.

Try a cup of hot water with lemon instead of your morning cup of caffeine to help refresh and cleanse your system. Make every second drink in the day a cup of water and you’ll soon reap the benefits of this enhanced hydration.


Get moving.  Signed up for a gym contract without ever going? It’s so easy to say you’ll hit the gym in January, but actually going is a whole different story. Exercise doesn’t have to be exclusively tied to a gym and, if you lead a busy life, you need to find smaller ways to move more that will help you keep in step  with your health ambitions.

Could you park at the far end of the work carpark so you get in a few more steps?  Could you go for a walk for 30 mins before work every day? Little changes make a difference.


Ease up on the portions.  Even a meal that’s ‘healthy’ can cause you to gain weight if you eat too much of it. Portion control is a seriously underestimated component of longer-term weight management.

Buying products that are already pre-portioned for you is an easy way to stick to your goals. Choosing a smaller plate and always putting snacks into a bowl rather than eating them from the bag are simple swaps to help.

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