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An effortless combination of two opposite styles

Leroy Merlin has just launched their 2023 décor trends, and right up there as a favourite is this new Contemporary Authenticity trend – which effortlessly combines two opposite styles … modernity and authenticity.

Simply called Nature, the trend highlights contemporary lines and raw surfaces, showcasing colour palettes and materials that are natural and globally warmer and a little darker than last year.

The natural materials add rustic elements but it’s balanced with contemporary architecture. Incorporating the Japandi trend of slat panels, the lines are clean and the surfaces raw.

Nature continues with the previous season’s interest in the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, which appreciates beauty that is imperfect and incorporates matte and slightly rougher textures.

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Organic amber glass vase, R1075 from leroymerlin.co.za

The contrast between hand-crafted decorative shapes and minimalist objects is the signature look in this trend. Shapes are curvy and smooth, yet geometric, with a touch of irregularity.

Why we love it … it brings to our living area a physicality and a connection to nature which balances our technologically immersive daily lives.

Details: leroymerlin.co.za

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