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The ultimate date prep guide to make that first impression count

The dating scene can be scary and intimidating, especially if you are new to the game or are a bit out of practice. 

First impressions are everything, so make sure to tick off these three, date prep tips to give you the confidence boost you need and to look and feel your best when you head out to date night:

Everyone loves a well-groomed guy: Now, we know it might not be your usual vibe, but taking the time for some proper grooming is essential before your big night out. Start with a clean, fresh shave, paying attention to details like sideburns and neckline. If you prefer a beard, shape and trim it neatly for a well-groomed look. Don’t forget to tidy up your eyebrows too – just a little neatening up can make a big difference. Finish off by styling your hair to compliment your features and personal style, and moisturise your skin for a healthy, smooth look. Why not try a scented lotion like Amazon by Playboy for a bold and masculine fragrance. Remember, a little grooming goes a long way in making a strong first impression. 

Dress to impress: Unless it’s a date on the beach, pack away the slops and shorts and choose an outfit that suits the occasion and makes you feel suave and confident. Opt for well-fitted clothing that flatters your physique. Whether it’s a stylish suit, a sharp blazer with jeans, or a smart-casual ensemble, make sure it reflects your personal style. Pay attention to the details like coordinating colours and accessorising tastefully with a stylish watch or a classic belt. Remember, dressing well not only shows respect for your date, but also boosts your own self-assurance. 

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Confidence is key: Before stepping out, take a moment to engage in activities that boost your confidence. It could be listening to your favourite, energising music, practising positive affirmations, or engaging in a quick workout or meditation session. Remind yourself of your unique qualities and what makes you an incredible catch. Embrace your individuality, smile, and let your genuine personality shine. When you exude confidence, you’ll make your date feel at ease and be more likely to create a connection.

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