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Three interior tips to warm up your home this winter

Nothing says “welcome home” in winter like a warm, cozy living space that invites you to curl up on the couch under a soft blanket with some hot chocolate or a glass of Merlot. 

With these three interior tips you’ll be able to achieve just that by making a few, simple and affordable changes to take your cool, summer home to a warm, snug haven. 

  • Set the tone with colour

Now don’t panic, we aren’t suggesting that you repaint the entire interior of your home…but a little feature wall here or there in the right colour can make all the difference in getting that warm tone right. Let the Dulux 2023 Colour Futures Flow Palette inspire you with its balanced combination of cool and warm tones, proving that the two can work incredibly well once applied to a space. The palette is said to be inspired by the rhythms and tides of nature, this subtle and timeless palette brings a feeling of fluidity, freshness and equilibrium. We love the combination of Wild Wonder and Bright Skies – it’s warm and inviting and goes beautifully with wood tones.


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  • Have fun with light and texture

Plush textures and soft fabrics instantly add warmth to a living space. Think chunky throws, a standing lamp with a warm white lightbulb and cute candles. Just a couple of these décor items can instantly give a room a luxe feel.  

  • Small changes, big impact

Have you had a look at your doors and trims recently? These little details are often overlooked and yet, they can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of a space. Make sure they are in good nick and neatly touched up where necessary. Take a look at the room as a whole and consider moving around some furniture pieces to improve the flow or replacing one or two items for a subtle change. 

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