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Here’s our pick of new titles on the book shelves

War, mystery and enduring love. We’re very excited to snuggle up with these new releases.

Counting Lost Stars is Kim van Alkemade’s poignant historical saga of an unmarried college student who’s given up her baby for adoption, who helps a Dutch Holocaust survivor search for his lost mother. HarperCollins

Winner of the 2023 Independent Press Award, The Girl in the Water by Joseph Howse is the story of a multiethnic group of young friends coming of age in Estonia and Ukraine in the last days of the Soviet Union. Their lives are shaped by an Afghan war, the Chemobyl disaster, and the collapse and legacy of a suffocating society. Nummist Media

From Cornwall in 1944, to London in 1988 to Australia in 1995, Santa Montefiore’s Wait for Me is the tale of enduring love, based on a true story. A couple separated by war, and reunited by love … and the 50 years that separate the two events. Simon & Schuster

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The World and All That It Holds is Aleksandar Hemon’s postmodernist novel, in which a homesexual, Jewish drug addict pharmacist living in Sarajevo,  falls in love with a Bosnian soldier. It’s a hefty book, described as tender and erotic, hilarious and heartbreaking. One, once read, you won’t forget in a hurry. Pan Macmillan

A girl disappears in 2004, leaving behind a daughter and a sister. The two, over 14 years and more than 400 miles apart, slowly begin to unearth the secrets and lies at the heart of their family, and of the mystery of what really happened to their missing relative. Tell Me What I am is a lovely story by Irish author Una Mannion. Faber

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