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How a beard transplant can help boost your confidence

Beards have taken over the male beauty industry. They have seen men commit to beard care routines involving special shampoos, oils, combs and serums – all in the name of shaping that unruly facial hair into the ultimate manly look.

Growing that luscious, thick beard is not, however, always that easy…and for many men, it is an impossible task, which may lead to psychological troubles. Besides its recent found fame as a beauty statement – the beard is also linked to a more deep-rooted basic instinct. Studies have found that: 

  • Beards, and moustaches, are a symbol of masculinity and confidence;
  • Facial hair in men has been linked to increased confidence;
  • Beards are linked to men’s dominance in finding a partner, as well as being more attractive to women;
  • Women have even reported that they consider men with beards to be the healthiest and best suited to parenting, as they look more mature.

If you struggle with patchy or sparse facial hair growth, fear not – a beard transplant might be just what you need. Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular and as technology advances, it’s now a more attractive solution for men struggling to grow facial hair. Alvi Armani offers high-tech beard transplant techniques to boost men’s confidence by giving them back the ability to grow a luscious beard. This is how it works: 

  1. The beard hair transplant process involves a medical procedure whereby a surgeon will take hair follicles from the back and sides of your head where the hair is thicker, and transplant them to the affected area.
  2. After a beard transplant, the hair will grow naturally dense. It is also a place where hair can be extracted safely without the possibility of hair loss. 
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