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We’re planting Impatiens Beacon ‘Lipstick’

Impatiens Beacon ‘Lipstick’ is a new colour in the highly disease resistant Beacon range of bedding impatiens.

It is a vivid vermillion, just what we need to usher in spring. The Beacon Impatiens is a fast-filling bedding impatiens for light shade or semi-shade. It flowers non-stop from spring through to autumn and nothing else quite matches it for colour and impact in the garden, as a border or massed.

Plant in fertile soil, spaced 15 to 20cm apart and feed with a liquid fertiliser after planting and once a month thereafter for good flowers. Impatiens like consistently moist but not soggy soil. The more sunshine the plants get, the more water they need, with less in shadier areas.

Details: ballstraathof.co.za

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