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5 male grooming tips for the ultimate put-together look

The modern man is embracing grooming like never before. From revitalising lotions to dapper facial hair – it’s all happening, and we are loving it! 

If, however, you have not yet found your place in the world of self-care and self-love and don’t know your beard oils from your serums, not to worry…we’ve got you covered. And we’re prepping you just in time for International Beard Day on 2 September.

Let’s kick off with five grooming trends that are all the rage…for all the right reasons:

Get a grip on the basics: Washing your face morning and evening and doing some sort of exfoliation at least once a week will keep your skin looking healthy and fresh…the first step to an all-round good look. 

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Feed your skin: Add a quality lotion to your daily routine for healthy, moisturised looking skin all over your body. Find one that has the same scent as your Eau de Toilette, and you’re bound to look and smell sensational.

Work some style into your hair: Be it a slick and suave look or a casual tousled vibe … whatever style you like, learn to perfect it with the right hair gel. You want a natural hold which conditions and shines. We love Atlantis Hair Gel from Playboy.

Curate your look: Stubble isn’t just for those who forgot their razors. This carefully curated look is making waves for its effortless charm and for its balance between carefree and well maintained. Don’t mistake it for neglect – maintaining stubble is an art in itself. Keep the edges sharp and even for a polished appearance that still radiates ruggedness.

Don’t forget your hands: Your hands speak volumes about your hygiene and attention to detail. Keep your nails neat, trimmed, and clean to make an excellent first impression.

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